Grab Your Free Realistic T-Shirt Mockup Template to Send Proofs

April 16th, 2015

Proofing is a very important part of the order process for screen printers and apparel decorators. If you're not already, you really should be having your customer approve a proof on every order - large or small. When (note I said when, not if) a job goes wrong, sending a proof to your customer will save your rear. It will save you from losing hundreds or thousands of dollars reprinting shirts from spelling mistakes, incorrect colors, etc. You'll also make a better impression on your customer with this template. You're a designer - you can imagine the artwork and how it will look on your shirt. Your customer is not always like you. They may have a hard time visualizing how the finished product will turn out. Make it simple for them. So today - we've got a special gift for you - a free proof template to use for your screen printed t-shirt mockups.

Start sending proofs that look like this

This template will help you look more professional when providing proofs to customers and also give them one more opportunity to ensure all sizing/quantities and garment information is correct before you go to print. This proofing template is setup for screen printed shirts. It includes front and back mock-ups, as well as areas to enter order information such as product numbers, sizing info, ink swatches, and production notes. This t-shirt proofing template is released free of charge and free of any copyright/licenses - so you can do whatever you want with it - Download it, change the colors, add your logo and start sending proofs.

What's included with the template?

  • 2 Versions of Our Realistic T-Shirt Mockup Template

    • One with a Size Table - Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file

    • One without a Size Table - Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file

  • The font used in the template (free web font - Montserrat from Google)

  • A set of Illustrator color swatches for Gildan brand apparel

Download Your Free Realistic T-Shirt Mockup Template

This is now part of our Shirt Business toolKIT - a FREE set of tools for growing your apparel decoration business.

The file is separated into Layers for easy editing.

  1. Open the file in Adobe Illustrator

  2. Unlock the "template" layer. Change the colors to match yours. Lock layer.

  3. Unlock the "LOGO" layer. Remove the shopVOX logo and add your own. Lock Layer.

  4. On the "SHIRT COLOR" layer, change the shirt color.

  5. Add your design to the "YOUR ART" layer. The "shirt shadow" layer adds shadows and highlights over your artwork to make it look realistic.

  6. Use the "DETAILS" layer to add ink colors, shirt details, job names, and others.

  7. Once you're ready to send, go to File > Save for Web - to generate a thumbnail image that is perfect to send to your customer.

  8. (Optional) Upload your proof to your job in shopVOX. Don't have shopVOX? Try it free for 14 days. 

  9. (Optional) Send to your customer for review.

  10. (Optional) Your customer approves or requests changes. The status is automatically updated for you.

Tired of proofs clogging your inbox?

shopVOX is our web-based management system software for screen printing and embroidery companies. Your customers approve proofs online - your team is automatically updated whenever a proof is Approved or Rejected. Check out our proofing tool and others.