Fun Facts about STOP Signs - Colors and Shape!

August 19th, 2016


STOP Signs and Color

yellow_and_red_stop_signThe first STOP sign appeared in 1915 in Detroit, Michigan. There were a variety of colors used for STOP signs until the late 1920s, when the background color was standardized for greater day and night visibility. Know what color this was? Not red - instead it was yellow! Actually, yellow was the color of STOP signs for almost 30 years!!!

After almost 30 years, in 1954, the STOP sign was changed to red. Why the change? There were several reasons:

  • Yellow is known for warning signs, therefore, the yellow STOP sign was not consistent with this.

  • Red traffic signals are use to signal vehicles to stop. So, the red STOP sign color is consistent with this.

  • Durable fade-resistant red coatings was finally available for signage.

STOP Signs and Octagonal Shape

In 1922, the American Association of State Highway Officials (AASHO) chose the unique octagonal shape for the STOP sign. Any idea why? For less confusion with other traffic signs. When drivers see the back of a stop sign, they will automatically see the octagon shape, which is unlike any other traffic sign, and know that the oncoming drivers have a STOP sign.Many signs have an interesting history. When you look into how signage has evolved, it's quite fascinating. They way they were designed, the laws, their colors, how they are created and so much more has changed throughout the years. Similar to how the signs and custom products are designed and created at your shop.How have your styles, designs, and processes changed throughout the years? How about your clients' designs? How have they changed throughout the years? Did you know that in your shopVOX account, you can easily check out all of the designs that your customers have created and how they have they changed throughout the years? Their designs are stored in your shopVOX account, so no need to worry about them getting lost!

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