Generating Quality Sales Leads for Print Shops During COVID

July 21st, 2020

We have all witnessed the sudden shifts that businesses have had to make over the past few months due to the requirements made by authority figures. Businesses have had to abruptly close their physical locations, then a month or two they were able to open their doors ago - but only partially. Then, they need to shut again or needed to adjust their business structures and operations in various ways. There are a lot of changes happening and it's can be challenging to keep up with these changes. This is true of many types of businesses, including print shops. It is vital navigate through this crisis with resilience and resolve.

Traditional sales like in-person networking, trade shows, and cold calls have completely stopped in many areas. So finding new ways to generate sales leads for print shops is necessary for to keep your sales leads funnel flowing. Fortunately, there are many ways to generate sales leads:

1. Facebook: Over 70% of Americans are on Facebook, so it makes sense to have your business on Facebook. Facebook is a great platform that allows you to stay in front of thousands of people. Tip: Create a sign up page when people follow your Facebook page. Collect emails so you can send newsletters to them.

2. Instagram: Instagram is excellent since it's all visual, therefore you can show off your designs and generate fans that admire your skill. Tip: Engage with your audience. Respond to their comments and interact with their posts. They will appreciate their attention and when a need arises, they will more likely think of your products.

3. LinkedIn: This platform is one of the most valuable for B2B businesses. Connections on LinkedIn are known to do business with each other. Tip: Connect with all sales leads you have made over the years on LinkedIn. Share informative and helpful posts that they will see on their feed. This will let them know that you are an expert in your field.

4. Long-tail keywords. When created ads on Google or other platforms, using targeted keywords can help generate the exact audience that you are desiring. Long-tail keywords allow you to be specific and narrow your leads so you are spending your money wisely on ads. Tip: Use Keyword Planner for keyword research and Google Trends to identify new keyword opportunities.

5. Webinars: People love to learn and are constantly seeking new information, trends and strategies for their business. Offering informative webinars for your target audience will allow them to see you as an expert. Tip: Create a landing page that leads to the webinar. The landing page will gather their email address and other contact information which will give you the opportunity to share more information about your products.

After you gather your sales leads, shopVOX will help you manage them.