How to Copy and Build Products with shopVOX

shopVOX is constantly looking for ways to guide new sign shop owners while they grow their businesses. By using our software, sign shop owners will put themselves at a great advantage.

A common question that young sign shop owners bring up is how to build custom products. Thanks to the helpful resources offered by shopVOX, these processes can be easily carried out by copying product templates from industry experts who have done all of the steps for you. Look below for steps on how to get your sign shop’s product operations started. 

Business Intelligence Dashboard

When you log on to shopVOX and go to your business intelligence dashboard, you will instantly be faced with a high-level overview of your business’ status. This is a very helpful tool that will capture the tone of your business’ successes on multiple fronts.

Finding the Products Page

To get started on copying and building products, go to the POS Settings in the top-left drop-down menu. From there, hover over Pricing and click on the Products option. In order to properly carry out the standard product operations, it is best to familiarize yourself with each of the drop-down options under the Pricing heading.

On the selected Products page, you will see all of the products that your sign shop is working with, as well as critical information regarding each of the products.

Navigating the Database

In the top-right corner of the Products page, use the Actions tab to access the Copy products page. On this page, you will find all of the products that have been entered into shopVOX by other sign shops who are using the same software.

By taking a look at what your competitors and other sign shops are selling, you can improve the relevance of your own products. Copying products is a great way for young sign shop owners and managers to determine their own selling preferences.

Copying Products

The search bar on the Copy products page will allow you to quickly gather information on specific types of products that may be more relevant to your sign shop.

To actually get on with the copying process, find a product on the Copy products page that you wish to use. Simply click the “Copy” option to the far right of the product name. From there, head back to the regular Products page and make sure that the product was successfully copied over by searching for it.

A man types on his computerA Closer Look

The next step for you is to take a closer look at the product you have just copied. To do so, open a new tab in your browser and perform a quick quote of the product. Some products will not have much information, allowing you to more freely customize the product’s information.

Take the time to customize each copied product to your liking. Note that, while the price in the top-right corner of the quote box is not a final quote, it does give you some idea of how much the product dimensions you have chosen will cost.

Facts and Figures

After you finish customizing the dimensions of your product, a new box will display the pricing formula that was used to calculate the quote. Still, you will have the option to adjust each piece of the formula to best suit your shop’s standards.

By clicking on a product listed on the Products page, you will have the option to add a photo and other information that might make life easier for your employees.

On the left side of the individual product page, look through the Pricing Template and Custom Fields options. By doing so, you will be able to further customize the product’s presentation for customer and employee use.

Sharing the Wealth

The Other Info tab will allow you to perform a key task, specifically by checking the box next to the words “Share With Vox Community.” If you are working with a product that you built, checking that box will allow everyone in the shopVOX community to copy that product. In doing so, you will be networking and helping to build the larger sign shop community.

Get Started with shopVOX

Get started in the sign shop business with the handy guides offered by shopVOX. Taking this important step will be a great starting point for your sign shop’s future growth.

The tools offered by shopVOX create a platform of convenience for managers, employees and customers alike. Check out the helpful print shop and sign software tools that can help you get off to a fast start!