How to Create a Fundraising Store for Your Customers

August 20th, 2018

Have you thought about starting a fundraising store for your customers? Fundraising is all the buzz these days. Individuals, groups, school and non-profits hold fundraisers selling all types of products to raise money for their cause. It's very big business. As a shopVOX user, you are able to create your own fundraising store for your customers so you can enter this market.

You can create your own fundraising stores with WebStores. WebStores are specific stores set up for specific customers making it perfect for school fundraisers, team sports fundraisers or other specific fundraisers and the best part is you can have as many WebStores as you need. 

How to set up WebStores:

  1. WebStores is part of our eCommerce Package add-on. So, first make sure you have this package before setting up your WebStores.)

  2. Enable WebStore in your settings. 

  3. Name the WebStore. This video will show you how to do all three of these steps: Webstores - Creating your first Webstore from TechVOX Inc on Vimeo.

4. Create a fundraising product to sell in your store. 

5. Create special pricing for your fundraising product. 

6. Upload fundraising product images. This video will show you how to do these steps: Webstores - Create your first product from TechVOX Inc on Vimeo.

7. Add the WebStore to your website. This video shows you how: Webstores - Add your Webstore to your Website from TechVOX Inc on Vimeo

It's super easy to set up your fundraising WebStore with shopVOX and helps you offer more for your customers to bring in additional revenue! After your store is set up, you can begin taking in orders which will be managed by the other features you all ready love about shopVOX like order management, project management, inventory management, machine management and employee management.