How to Follow Up Effectively on Quote Reviews

October 10th, 2017

So, you know this scenario....You send out your quote. You wait. You wait more. You wonder if the customer received the quote. You keep waiting. Is the quote too high? Was it wrong? Did the customer even get it? All of this wondering and waiting wastes soooo much time and energy. how to follow up on quote reviews effectivelyNow what if you have 20 quotes out and go through this process with most of them? It can be pretty, exhausting right?We know. We understand. That is why we created Quote Review for shopVOX. It's pretty awesome. Of course, you still need to follow up after you send the quote review - unless the approve it right away. But, Quote Review makes it much more easier to do so because you are now more well informed. Here are some examples:

Example 1: The customer never opened the quote.With Quote Review you know whether or not the customer opens their quote. It's pretty clever, like you. So, you know for sure. If you notice after a day or two that customer did not open the quote, call and remind them that you sent it. 

Example 2: The customer opened the quote only once - days ago. When you see that the customer only opened the quote a few days ago and never reopened it. Send it again as a reminder. 

Example 3: The customer opened the quote many times without accepting it nor revising it. Usually when someone opens and opens, they are teetering with the idea of whether to accept it or not. Sometimes it's best to just call to see what they thought about the quote. Being on the phone with them can help sort out their hesitation.  

Example 4: The customer opens the quote, you resent it, they opened again, you called twice and they never replied.This, of course, is most frustrating. It would be better if they would just say "No" than to avoid. But, this does happen sometimes. So, most of the time, it's best to simply let this one pass instead of annoying them with constantly reaching out. Plus, there are other leads that may be more worth while focusing on. Perhaps send them an email a few months down the road to keep in touch. 

Watch this video to see how to follow up on your quote review in shopVOX: