Illuminated Sign Shop Software

All business owners, no matter the industry, want to stand out in some way. This is why many choose producing illuminated signs for their business. Illuminated signs refer to any sign that incorporates some form of lighting, including neon signs, channel letter signs, lightbox signs, and externally-lit signs. 

As a sign shop owner, you know how complicated creating custom commercial lighted signs can be. Often the biggest hurdles are not finding clients, but explaining the differences between various lit signs, creating accurate quotes, and staying on top of orders. 

The good news is that shopVOX can help you run your sign shop so that when it’s time to design and distribute your sign orders, you will be more than prepared to serve your customers. Our features and resources will help ensure you stay on top of orders from initial inquiry to final payment. Explore all the options available when you use shopVOX as your hub for sign shop software.

Set Up Your Illuminated Sign Shop

The first step in getting your commercial lighted sign shop ready for action is to set up your account which can be done in less than one hour! With this software, you can quickly establish the basic foundation on which to build your sign shop. Our helpful guided setup will allow you to input everything you need to start using the software on day one. 

This setup tool has been specifically designed to help new and existing sign shop owners create a plan that will work for them and their business model.

With shopVOX quoting tool, you don’t have to guess when creating estimates and proposals

Create Consistent Quotes for all Illuminated Signs

Crafting sign prices is easier when you use theshopVOX’s custom pricing engine, or quoting tool. This software allows sign shop owners to craft sign price algorithms consistent with the broader market and the shop's priorities. We trust that your experienced judgment as a sign shop owner will complement our quoting tool well.

This tool will also grant you the ability to expedite the quoting process. No longer will you have to guesstimate the price of your outdoor lighted signs and possibly disappoint your customers. With the quoting tool, your costs will be carefully calculated and readily available, making your quotes consistent every time.

You can even customize your invoices based on the complexity of the project and how you measure materials. For example, if you are quoting channel letter signs, you can measure materials by the square foot or by upright inch, or by letter unit. Create pricing levels within shopVOX so that your pricing is catered to each type of customer you service? Wholesale? Retail? Non-Profit? The power ins in your hands. When a customer accepts the quote, you can easily convert it to a sales order and begin the job. 

Manage Your Sign Shop’s Workload 

You can keep track of your shop's work in the past, present, and future by using the shopVOX job management software. With this tool in your arsenal, you can easily arrange and prioritize the projects you have yet to complete, while keeping an eye on work in progress statuses. All past orders are stored in your customer’s profile, so re-ordering for a customer is a simple and convenient click of a button. 

Our illuminated sign shop management software also allows you to keep track of your active jobs, assign tasks and production steps to specific team members, track the time spent on each step so you can better understand how long production is taking. Never miss a deadline, and never let another job fall through the cracks.

shopVOX illuminated sign shop management software allows you to keep track of every project

Use Our Expert Support Tool for Additional Support 

If you are struggling with any part of incorporating your custom processes and products with shopVOX, or need help setting up our tools to fit your needs, we can help. Our expert support team are here to help you be successful. Our team is built of industry experts which means, we all come from the sign biz!  We’ve been in your shoes before, so we know exactly how to customize shoPVOX to fit your business.

We have an internal chat support lien that allows those working in the commercial lighted signs industry to reach out and contact an expert on everything we offer. Take advantage of this tool to ensure that you use each of our pieces of software correctly and to their highest potential. When the software runs smoothly, so do the rest of your business operations. 

Optimize Your Illuminated Sign Shop with shopVOX 

Creating commercial lighted signs is an important service that helps businesses of all sizes and industries promote themselves and their service offerings. To stay up to date on order volume and let your team members work to the best of their abilities, you need the right sign shop management software. 

Are you ready to learn more about how shopVOX can help transform your sign shop? Call us today and learn more about the tools we offer.