Indoor and Outdoor Signage

Producing indoor signage comes with some unique challenges, as does producing outdoor signs. Both have different considerations for pre-sale and post-sale processes, and most likely, your shop will need the organizational skills to handle both indoor and outdoor signage. One of the most critical aspects of your shop’s success will be efficiency and streamlining those processes to handle both incoming sales, and outgoing production orders.

If you want to optimize the customer and employee experience in your sign shop, you will need simple and convenient software. shopVOX, the sign industry’s leading cloud-based business management platform, can provide you and your shop with the tools you need to organize your shop processes. Look into the tools we offer and learn more about what shopVOX can do for your business.

Setup Your Shop Fast

The first step you should take after gaining access to shopVOX’s software is to set up your shopVOX account. We’ve made it easy for you to set up the basics of your business in less than one hour using our guided tools and one-click integration features. If you are eager to establish (or reestablish) your sign shop as a formidable part of the printing industry, shopVOX setup can have you up and running in no time!

The major benefits of customizing this software are establishing basic pricing options, production tracking, and establishing a communication system that your employees can use. Keeping all of your valued employees on the same page is an essential part of running any successful sign shop, and this tool makes doing so much easier.

Streamline the Proofing Process

We hear all the time about shops that struggle with the proofing process. Whether a late change is made to a product or the communication between you and the customer breaks down, proofing is often one of the most stressful parts of running a sign shop. With shopVOX’s proofing tool, you can eliminate most of the significant problems that can arise during this process.

Using the software offered by shopVOX, your sign shop can be ahead of the curve regarding fast and easy proofing procedures. Your designers can stay in touch with customers about their indoor and outdoor signage requests from the brainstorming process to the finished approved proof all with ht eonline proofing tool. This tool will also time-stamp your customer’s approval, and allow your customer to physically check boxes for spelling, color, layout, sizing, before approval. Your approved proof will then be attached to the production work order so there is no question what needs to be manufactured on your production floor.

A simple “for sale” sign is shown outside of a homeManage Your Shop’s Production Work Orders

Your shop’s past, present and future projects can be difficult to manage, but the job management tool from shopVOX can make things easier. Many businesses struggle with time management and allotting the right amount of time to each project, and the sign shop industry is no exception.

With shopVOX, you can view your projects in an easily accessible and digestible format, allowing you and your employees to understand and prepare for the assignments on the upcoming schedule. Accessing your past projects can make your shop more efficient as you look to avoid clutter in your operations. Setting up workflow steps for each production process will allow your team to know exactly what they need to work on and when it is due, minimizing mistakes and wasted time and materials.

Take the Guesswork Out of Quoting

Pricing your customers consistent pricing for indoor or outdoor signs is essential in your shop’s success. You will surely want to avoid giving customers an incorrect guesstimate during the quoting process at your sign shop. You can take the guesswork out of pricing with the Pre-built sign product templates from shopVOX. This handy feature allows sign shop owners to use and customize pricing templates which will make pricing easy and full-proof! 

Whether you need to price indoor wall murals, ADA packages, ID signs, or outdoor monument signs, building signage, or directional wayfinding, this software has been specially designed for the convenience of sign shop owners and their customers alike. Simply open a product template and input your own costs and markeups, and voilà! It’s that simple.

shopVOX Can Help Your Indoor and Outdoor Signage Shop

shopVOX can help sign shops price and manufacture indoor and outdoor signs with their organizational solutions. If you are a business owner looking to beef up your shop’s proofing, communication and quoting processes, shopVOX has the perfect tools to fit your business. Get started today and optimize your indoor and outdoor signage operations.