Is Your Sign Shop Ready for Change?

May 5th, 2017

Change is very hard for many people. If you are like most people, you dread change and will do whatever you could do to keep your life comfortable. Retail signage by Skyway Outdoor incSignage by Skyway Outdoor, Inc. experienced the need for embracing change. Change in employees, change in materials, change in tax structure, change in location, change in products and change in customers. It can at times become overwhelming to realize all the changes one needs to make in order to experience success. Though, if you prepare yourself for change and are ready for change, your transition will be smoother than if you were not prepared. Right now, there is a drastic change in the retail industry. Major stores are closing their physical stores and online shopping is increasing. This is affecting many sign businesses that supply retail stores with their window decals, POS signs, A-frames, banners, displays, channel letters, and other custom signs that are ordered on a regular basis. If your shop is a supplier to these stores, hopefully you are diligently working to find more secure industries to service with your custom products. With all of the changes happening right now, you must be wise to remain in the know of trends and the way industries are changing, as well as improve and diversify the skills of your team. Here are some tips to help you with your transition:

  1. Remain positive, yet realistic. Simply being positive often encourages people to remain idle and to simply hope for the best. But remaining positive while being realistic you will honestly look at your business and see where changes are needed, then take action. 

  2. Research,  but not too much. Before making the plunge to change, do some research but don't go overboard that you miss opportunities that another shop grabs before you. 

  3. Trust your intuition. Learning to trust your intuition is one of those gifts that can allow you to make less mistakes. 

  4. Don't change too much too fast. If you take on too many changes at one time, you can overwhelm yourself and your staff. So it's wise to change one or two areas of your business at a time. 

  5. Keep your employees in the loop. Make sure that your employees know there are changes happening and get them involved. This will help them remain motivated with the transition.  

  6. Don't be too proud to ask for help or advice. There are many knowledgeable people around that can offer you valuable insight that you could use. Be open to listening and considering what others offer.

  7. Maintain business intelligence. Using a management system stores all of your business data can help you monitor your changes and produce reports of what is working and what is not. shopVOX can help you with this.