June’s Design Contest Winner – Restaurant Signage

Joanne Cipressi
Jun 29, 2017

When most people see a sign, most people don’t consciously realize all the effort, thought and creativity went in to creating it. But, when you look around you, there is signage everywhere and it you really think about it, there are a lot of talented signage makers in our world. Which is why we are proud to be rewarding our winner this month, for winning our #VOXcontest. 

design contest winner_restaurant signage#VOXcontest is a monthly design contest that we run for our signVOX and shopVOX users to reward them for their creativity.  Our signVOX and shopVOX users create everything from all types of signage to vehicle wraps and graphics, business cards to brochures, custom t-shirts to custom trophies, custom pens to custom helmets, and so on. This month’s winner created this beautiful design for a restaurant. 

The business that created this Gorgeous Sign is Printing Lab, a custom sign and awning shop from West New York, New Jersey. Make sure you go to our facebook page and congratulate them for winning this month’s #VOXcontest. 

If you are a current signVOX and shopVOX user, get ready for next month’s design contest. We are changing it up a little bit and focusing on “All things Vehicles”. So prepare your best vehicle wraps and graphics, racing trophies, custom motorcycles, vehicle advertisement signage and so on! Our email will be send in the beginning of July with more details and dates. 

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Joanne Cipressi
29 / 6 / 2017
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