Manage Your Sign Shop from Anywhere with shopVOX Software

May 11th, 2015

Summer vacations are just around the corner. Summer vacations are ideally to be a time for fun, relaxation, lots of laughter, and a chance to unwind from work and to bond with those you care about. However, for many business owners, including sign shop owners, worry and concern sometimes take over because they are leaving their shop in the hands of other people and this can be a bit scary for many shop owners. I have heard from many shop owners that they have been hesitant to take vacations or time off from their shop out of fear that everything will not run smooth. But, once they learn about the ability to keep track and manage their shop from anywhere, they become interested. Fortunately, as a shopVOX user, you are able to deal with many of your sign shop management needs and keep an eye on what is being completed even if you can not be at your business. Since shopVOX is on the cloud, you can access you sign shop information from any device that has internet access. You can access information, assign tasks, keep track and more much!

Technology has truly changed the way we do business. From home or from anywhere you can do the following:

  • Prepare quotes and send them out for approval.

  • Keep in touch with clients. With shopVOX, you have all of their information at your fingertips even when on vacation. Update them on a job status, and any other information they may need.

  • Be in the know of what is happening in your sign shop at a glance. Know what tasks and responsibilities are being completed and that need to be done.

  • Send proofs to customers and know whether they are approved or not.

  • Follow up on sales calls and hopefully close some deals.

  • Know what is being completed in production.

  • No need to bother customer service at your shop, you can look up phone numbers and client information right from the app on your phone. What a time saver!

  • Easily reorder and order.

  • …and much much more.

shopVOX sign shop management software is amazing like that! Access anywhere, at anytime you need to, and be in control. So, go ahead and plan that vacation now! shopVOX will be there for you!. :)