Managing Jobs in shopVOX Business Management Software

September 20th, 2016

When a customer makes an order with your shop, they expect you to deliver on time. It's critical to your shop's success that jobs are delivered according to the expectations that you have given your customers. Having an efficient job management system like shopVOX, your jobs are will be managed better and therefore, have a better chance for on time delivery.

Understanding Jobs in shopVOX

In shopVOX, jobs are production orders. They are the line items from sales orders.shopvox-job-management-softwareFor example: You may have sales order #001 which consists of Banners, Business Cards and T-shirts. Each of these items are separate production orders. Banners, business cards and t-shirts are all produced at different time lines, in different manners, by different people, and using different equipment, so individually they are separate jobs. Therefore, this sales order has three different jobs within it and each of these jobs move independently through the job workflow process in shopVOX.job-board-production-managementScheduling Realistic Timelines

There are many factors that go into producing products in a timely manner - staff and machine limits, material availability, and proper tools. As a user of shopVOX, you can properly schedule a timeline that is realistic because already have tools that will enable you to be in the know of all that is happening within your shop. You can schedule staff and materials without overscheduling. You will also know what materials are in stock and which items need to be ordered. All of this information will make it possible to create realistic timelines.

Managing Job Workflow

shopVOX makes is easy for your shop to manage job workflow. You can create workflow templates for each individual product that your shop produces. This is important, since each product requires different production sequences, machines and staff. Having one generic workflow will often not be effective unless you produce only one item in your shop.Once your workflow templates are created, jobs simply flow and make life so much easier at your custom shop and jobs are finished in a timely manner more frequently. Watch this video to see how detailed and effective shopVOX's job workflow is.  You will learn how to use shopVOX even better! Not a shopVOX user yet? You can try it out for free. Click this link: Best job management software