Onboarding Packages

Imagine a more organized and productive business

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Introducing the shopVOX Coaching Program

You don’t need more information.

You’re smart. You’ve done your research.

The missing piece?

You need someone to help you put everything in place.

Over the years, we’ve guided 100s of shops to a more profitable and less stressful way to work.

shopVOX has been a game changer for sign shops and print shops in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, and 19 other countries.

Through all those calls and research we learned about what it takes to successfully implement management software and improve your entire shop in the process.

Why is it so hard to implement shop management software?

You already know what you need to do.

So why is it that the last piece of software you tried didn’t work out?

You had to figure it all out on your own – and man that’s tough. Trust me I know.

You don’t want to read an article on how to create workflows.
You want someone to help you create the right workflows for YOUR shop.

You don’t want to be told how to setup everything within shopVOX.
You want an expert to guide you through YOUR setup process.

You want to work with someone who will coach you along –

  • holding you accountable
  • providing best practices for your specific processes
  • answering your tough questions

Our shopVOX coaches are industry experts who help you with high-level issues.

  • setting strategy for your implementation
  • guiding you through the onboarding process
  • assigning you action steps to complete
  • checking in via email to hold you accountable
  • workshop ideas on products, pricing templates, or workflows
  • providing best practices for improving your shop

They’ve been the through the process (most as customers the first time around) and know how best to get you from zero to shopVOX in the least time possible.

Onboarding Packages

Whether you’re a serious do-it-yourselfer or prefer a more hands-off approach, we have several onboarding packages to meet your setup and budget needs, from a self-guide simple orientation and basic implementation plan to a week long on-site setup and training program.

During your kickoff call, you can discuss these options in more detail to help you make the best decision to fit your needs.

What’s Included with shopVOX Pro?


$0Every PRO account includes the DIY package FREE of charge.

Remote Packages

Kick Start


  • All of DIY (free) plan +
  • Customized implementation plan tailored to your specific needs ($250 value)
  • Up to 3 hours of professional services to help train your team, create pricing or workflows, or answer questions – whatever you need to get you up and running ($450 value)
  • 90 days of priority support and emails from your coach to keep you on track ($300 value)

Live in 45


  • All of DIY (free) plan +
  • Customized implementation plan tailored to your specific needs ($250 value)
  • Weekly meetings with your coach for 90 days to answer questions, or solve problems until you go live ($2500 value)
  • Up to 10 hours of professional services to help you train your team, create pricing or workflows – whatever is needed to make you more profitable ($1500 value)
  • 90 days of priority support and emails from your coach to keep you on track ($300 value)

Onsite Options

Five Day Launch


  • We fly a shopVOX coach to you for 5 days to help with setup, training employees, and implementation
  • You’ll go live in 5 days!
  • Includes 3-4 hours of consultation before our visit and 2-3 hours afterwards
  • We’ll have several meetings before the visit to discuss process, your goals, and any legwork that needs to be done – we finalize the plan 1 week before the visit
  • Travel expenses included in price (US Only). 
    International visits will be subject to additional fee
  • **Nov 2017 Update – Availability is extremely limited and is usually 5-6 weeks out**
  • 100% of fee paid upfront on the credit card on file

How do I sign up for an onboarding package?

Don’t have a shopVOX Pro account yet?
Well first – you need a paid shopVOX Pro account. If you haven’t already – sign up here.

Already signed up for shopVOX Pro?
Great. Just complete the form below and we’ll get everything processed.

If you have questions about the onboarding packages – please contact your coach for more details.


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Do you offer any less expensive or shorter onsite training packages?
For onsite visits, it is incredibly difficult to get all the implementation and training done in less than 5 days. To make sure we are able to provide the best value and ensure your success with shopVOX – we only offer the our 5 day engagement for onsite visits.

If we purchase onsite training – do we still have to pay for data migration like the import of legacy invoices?
Yes, legacy data migration is a separate service and is billed separately than onsite training. Just shoot a message to our support team or speak with your coach for more details.

Do you offer private training outside of these onboarding packages?
Yes we do. Please contact your shopVOX Coach or our Success team for more details.

Are you going to do all the work for us?
No – we do as much as we can to help you – but you will still have to put in some work to meet your goals.

How do I work with my coach?
The best way to work with your coach is by scheduling a meeting. On meeting day, come prepared with a list of what you’d like to cover. If possible, send your coach a list of topics via email the day before. This helps ensure you get a ton of value of meetings.

What is the average response time?
Our shopVOX coaches maintain a busy schedule – lots meetings with your fellow shopVOX users. Coaches will respond to emails and voicemails within one business day.

For questions that need a quicker response, please shoot a message to our Chat support team – right inside your shopVOX account. They are great, they are available 24 hrs / day – Monday through Friday (Pacific Standard Time), and  they will get you a super fast response.

What will my coach help me with?
Your shopVOX coach can help you with a quite a bit. Here are a few examples.

  • creating detailed pricing templates
  • how to structure your workflows for maximum effectiveness
  • best practices for implementation
  • translating your current processes and systems to shopVOX

Is there anything coaches don’t help with?
Sometimes you have a simple question – below are good examples of quick answers you’ll find via our Help Center or from our Chat Support team.

  • How do I add logos?
  • How do I create a quote?
  • How do I track a job?