Pricing Custom Products

November 15th, 2019

So, you figured the perfect pricing strategies for your products. (If you have not yet figured out the perfect pricing strategies, check out our article about Common Pricing Strategies.)

Since there are so many ways that products can be priced, shopVOX has three different pricing types that you can use to price your products. Each of these pricing types can be customized to suit your pricing strategy.

In order to create quotes in shopVOX, you need to add your products to the system. When you add a product to shopVOX, you will determine how to price that product. The first step to determining this pricing is to choose your pricing type (as seen in the screenshot above). You have these three options (see image above) to choose from:

- Basic Pricing
- Formula Pricing
- Grid Pricing

Basic Pricing - You can't get any more basic than this. This pricing is determined by units of measure like square footage, square meters, per unit, linear feet, or qty sets of 10, or 100 units.

Formula Pricing - Pricing is determined by a formula that you preset in shopVOX. You can price by area, height, volume, etc. The most common pricing formula for banners and vehicle graphics is pricing by the area via square feet.

Grid Pricing - Grid pricing is excellent for products that that are more complicated to price. For example, products that are 2 or 3 dimensional, 2 sided or sold in sets are often priced via shopVOX's grid pricing type.

As a shopVOX user, you are not committed to only one pricing type. You can customize the pricing for each product individually using different pricing types and strategies.

Our next few articles will give examples of pricing in shopVOX. In the meantime, check out this video that shows an example of a screen printing pricing grid.

Not a shopVOX user, learn more here!