Print Shop Staff Management Using shopVOX Software

April 28th, 2015

Managing your print shop staff is super easy to do with shopVOX. shopVOX is a comprehensive online system that can help you manage all areas of your sign shop, including your employees. If you are new to shopVOX, this article will give you some tips on how to manage your print shop staffHere are some ways:

Set Permissions:When you add your employees to shopVOX, you can give them permissions as to what they can access or not access. Watch this video: How to Add a Staff Member Assign Tasks:You can assign tasks that can be monitored in shopVOX. You can see the status of each task from anywhere that you have internet access -whether you are in the shop or on vacation.

Assign Roles:Assign roles when creating quote, sales orders and jobs. Staff will know what they are responsible for when they log into shopVOX. 

Set Notifications:You can custom set notifications to be sent to staff in various ways - via SMS, email or push messages. Notifications can be sent for all tasks or a select few. It's completely up to you. Watch this video to learn how: Set Up Account Notifications

Set their Work Capacity:This helps so they are not overbooked when assigning jobs. You can set how long each person is available to work in the shop. When setting up their profile, simple input their daily capacity.

Disable Staff Members:After an employee is no longer at your shop, you can easily disable them from having access to shopVOX. Watch this video to learn how: Disable a shopVOX UserManaging print shop staff members is super easy in shopVOX! But, then so is managing all other areas of your print shop super easy with this awesome print shop management software

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