Quoting Bulk Lawn Sign Projects Faster with shopVOX

We’ll be talking to readers about bulk lawn signs in this post. Lawn signs are often popular in the warmer months of spring and summer. That’s when people tend to celebrate graduations and birthdays with festive lawn signs.

If you’re someone who manufactures and sells lawn signs, we at shopVOX understand that you probably need a tool that can make pricing these types of projects easier for you.

That’s exactly what we’re going to be talking about in this article: how shopVOX’s sign software can help you to streamline this part of your process.

Finding the Bulk Lawn Sign Product Inside shopVOX

When you’re inside the shopVOX software, go to POS Settings in the upper left corner, and then navigate to Pricing and Products.

If you click on the green Action button in the upper right corner, you can hit Copy Products. This will copy over the sample product builds we have placed in the software for your benefit.

In your copied sheet, you can search in the bar for “lawn signs” to filter lawn signs through all the other products you have on offer inside your shopVOX account.

Then click on the green “create quote” button at the top of shopVOX to start defining a quote for your products.

Creating Bulk Lawn Sign Quotes

In the “find products” search field, type in “bulk” to bring up all your bulk lawn signs. You will find three types of bulk lawn signs: one-color, two-color, and full-color signs. We’ll go through each type of sign category.


When you select the one-color bulk lawn signs, you’ll see a picture of the single-color corrugated sign, as well as a handful of options for making your quote.

These options include areas such as quantity, size, run size (we don’t see many sign shops producing more than 1,000 bulk signs at a time, but if you do, you can always add more quantity options in this dropdown box), and sides.

Inputting all this information will give you a unit price and unit cost. You can change the information in these boxes; the one value you shouldn’t change is the price your vendor gave you for raw materials. But you can input the markup percentage you want to make in the box and get the price you should charge the customer.

You can also check the boxes for rush charges or stakes. Adding either extra charge automatically adds the additional values to the unit price box.

Once you complete all your desired options in their respective boxes, click “Save” to see your quote presented as your customer will see it.


Now we’re going to cover the two-color bulk signs.

When you select this product type, you’ll see a picture of the two-colored signs, but the options from the one-color sign make a return here.

Typically, your vendors will have a higher price for two-color signs as opposed to one-color signs. You add on all your needed options just like before, and then simply click “Save” to put the quote into a digestible form that a customer will see.


Full-color signs are the last type of bulk lawn sign products you copied over into your own shopVOX.

An aside here is that, as the sign shop owner, you will have to train your customer service representatives to be able to identify the type of colored sign by the product pictures inside shopVOX.

Just as before, you will go through all the sign options in the quote area and then save the quote to finalize it in customer-view form.

Try Out shopVOX’s Bulk Sign Quote Product

Presenting the three quotes you saved above is a great way to give your customers options. They can go through and see the product descriptions and photos and choose which option they want.

The ease of this process, however, all depends on you having your wholesale vendor pricing infused into the shopVOX product. Having that means you won’t have to go back and forth with the vendor trying to figure things out so you can deliver one quote to a customer. You may only need to revisit this pricing once a year when and if your vendors raise their wholesale prices.

But overall, this is what we’re all about at shopVOX: using our innovations in print shop software to help you deliver superior service to all your leads and customers.

Be sure to try out our bulk sign quote product, and let us know what you think!