Save Time with Business Management Software

June 3rd, 2019

Your greatest resource is your time. Nothing is more valuable. Unlike money, materials, and tools once time is used up, you can't get it back. Our shopVOX designers and engineers understand this. When designing shopVOX, we make sure that the features and processes will save you time. Check out some of the features that will save you time in your custom sign and print shop:

Quote templates: You can create personalized quote templates for super easy and time-saving quote preparation. Simply input all of the details of a custom project and shopVOX creates a quote for your client in seconds.

Online art proofing: Send and track art proofs online. No more wasting time searching through chains of emails to find proofs.

Convert quotes into jobs: Once a quote is approved, you can easily convert it into jobs. No need to copy anything. No need to rewrite. No need to write the job on a whiteboard. Simply convert and shopVOX saves you much time.

Integrate with other apps: If you use Quickbooks, Xero, Gmail, or other apps, you can integrate them with shopVOX. This saves time in so many different ways.

There are so many other great time-saving features that shopVOX offers. Check out our tutorials to learn more. Better yet, experience shopVOX yourself. You can get a free 15 trial of our project management feature.