Save Time with shopVOX's Free Add-ons

May 13th, 2020

Successful people use their time wisely. They realize time is the most valuable asset of life, especially work life. Once a moment is gone, you can never get it back. Making the most out of each moment now allows for more time later.

Even though you may have much more "free" time these days because many of us are living in areas of mandatory lockdowns, this time won't last long. This is actually the perfect time to plan for reopening to full scale. This is the perfect time to set up systems and tools that will help you be more effective and efficient in the new future.

Think about all of the repetitive, boring tasks you do at work that seem like a waste of time. Many of those tasks can be automated or more simplified.

We all want to save time, especially when at work. We understand that. That is why shopVOX was created. As a user, you save tons of time by managing your customers, sales, pricing, projects, invoices, products, and more in shopVOX. We know you love this. But, did you know you can also save more time if you integrate other apps and other systems to shopVOX?

Due to the insightful creation of APIs, you are able to have more functions available in shopVOX without opening another window or tab. You can save even more time so you can focus on more sales, improving products and family.

Many add-ons and integrations are available at no cost. Yep, they are free. Check out some of the apps you can integrate with shopVOX for free:

Accounting Integrations

Quickbooks Desktop and Quickbooks Online: You can synch invoices, credit memos, payments, un-applied payments, and more. We support QuickBooks Online and Windows desktop versions. (2010 and up).

MYOB: MYOB is a popular accounting software solution for Australian and New Zealand businesses. With MYOB, you can manage your billing, invoicing and be ready for easier tax filing. As a shopVOX user, you are now able to export the invoices that you have stored in shopVOX to MYOB via a CSV file. 

Xero: When you integrate with XERO you can integrate customers, transactions, invoices, payments, taxes, and more. 

Sage50 and Sage Online: You can now export your invoices from shopVOX into Sage 50. This means no more doubling your work! Simply create your invoices in shopVOX, then upload them to Sage 50 via a CSV file.

Email Marketing

Constant Contact: When you integrate shopVOX and Constant Contact, you can integrate lists and contacts.

MailChimp: You can integrate with MailChimp that will upload your newest customers to your MailChimp account.  You can do this automatically via manual export.

Shipping Integration

FedEx: When you integrate FedEx and shopVOX, you can lookup rates for your quotes, sales orders, and invoices. create a shipment, print labels in your shopVOX account without opening another window.

UPS: When you want to ship via UPS, you can easily do so through shopVOX instead of taking the extra steps of going to the UPS website.

Credit Card Processors for Online Payments

You can connect with credit card processors to avoid double posting payments. Here are a few that we integrate with:

Automation & Integrations via APIs

If you need another integration, shopVOX has an open API. When you use our open API - you could potentially build any type of integrations you'd like to see. Check out this article to learn to integrate with other apps,

If you have any questions about integrating, feel free to contact your customer service rep or contact customer support. They'd be happy to help!