shopVOX Business Management Software Tip - Key in Price for Embroidery Products

January 23rd, 2017

key in products business management software tipsShopVOX allows you to manage your embroidery products easily. You can set up your cost and price for each product so that when a customer requests a quote, you can quickly and simply create one for them. Pricing is calculated for you based on the formulas that you programmed into the shopVOX embroidery business management software. However, there are times when a customer will present you with a product or service that you may not already have programmed in shopVOX. Here is a suggestion on how to deal with that: First Create a Generic Product using the following steps: 

  1. Click the POS Settings tab from the drop down. 

  2. Then click Pricing. 

  3. Then click Products.

  4. Click New Product on the Product page. 

  5. Create Title.

  6. Create a description if you want to or leave it blank and include the description on the invoice.

  7. Select the type or product and product category.

  8. Select the Pricing Type as Basic.

  9. When inputting the two pricing, we offer these two suggested options: 1. Keep pricing at $0.00 and then override it when you create a quote, order or invoice. 2. Input a default price which can be your base price. Of course, you can override this price as well. 

  10. Select your Income and Cost of Goods Accounts. 

  11. Add your workflow template. 

  12. Click Create Product and continue to the next step. 

For the next few steps, please watch this video: Key in the Price Not a user of shopVOX?? What!!? You are missing out on having a better managed shop! Well, let's change that and get a FREE 15 day trial of our