shopVOX Customer Testimonial – Genius Coding, Reliable Software

Joanne Cipressi
May 8, 2020

We are always so thrilled when we receive wonderful testimonials from shopVOX users, like the fantastic one we recently received from Daniel Ricks, the owner of Arrowhead Signs & Displays:

“Online support. Genius coding (reliable) software. Flexible software and client portals, website and web stores. Online proofing. Square payments. (Yes they are cheaper than most – people shouldn’t be fooled.) I’m super happy with shopVOX and my clients love it too, which is the most important part. Love you all!!!”

This message made us feel proud to be part of the shopVOX team!

About Arrowhead Signs and Displays

Arrowhead Signs and Displays was a user of our first business management software, signVOX before they migrated over to shopVOX. They specialize in signage, trade show displays and banners. During this time of COVID-19, they have taken the initiative to create social distancing signage, decals, and banners for business owners and playgrounds to display. Make sure you check out their website to learn more about them and to order your COVID-19 signage needs.

Not a shopVOX user?
Learn more about shopVOX by attending a live webinar:

shopVOX business management webinar
Joanne Cipressi
8 / 5 / 2020
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