Tick all the boxes

shopVOX covers all the bases and then goes
the extra mile. And then some.
From onboarding of new employees to collecting feedback after an invoice is
closed, shopVOX will help you stay on top of your business.
Customer Management
Make every lead count. Build lasting business relationships and increase your revenue with ease, thanks to our powerful CRM system.
Sales Leads
Capture, track and follow up on your leads to close more deals faster. Thanks to tools such as Notes, Assets or Tasks, you won’t let another lead fall through the cracks.
Weighted Pipelines
Track your sales prospects with customized pipelines so that you can efficiently forecast your sales.
Website Integration
Sync leads from your website automatically with our pre-written code ready to go, no programming required. And no need to worry about duplicates either, shopVOX takes care of all that.
Quotes & Pricing
Have any estimate at your fingertips at all times, no matter how complex or specific it is.
Custom Quotes
Create custom quotes or templates for every bit of your business.
Industry Catalogs
Have our database of catalogs at the ready or upload your own.
Approval History
Keep a record of the whole negotiation process with your customers so that you can always be in the loop.
Quick Quote
Impress your customers with creating quotes in a matter of seconds.
Quote Follow-up Reminders
Quantity and Area Discounts
Multiple Pricing Schemes
Easy Outsourced Pricing
Production Management
Manage your work orders with ease and transparency thanks to high-level automation, custom categories and notifications.
Online Proofing
Have your customers approve files directly online and get notified about any changes or approvals.
Customer Asset Management
Keep all the job files organized in one place and available at any time.
Production Scheduling
Automatize the scheduling process with setup defaults.
Automatic Status Updates
Keep everyone up to date with automatic updates.
Job Boards
Make sure things get done, when they should be done with this job management dream tool.
Production Workflow Status
See all the steps that need to be done as well as those that already have been.
Use an integrated drag-and-drop calendar to keep you up to date and prevent scheduling conflicts.
Customer Review Tab
Have a quick access to every proof waiting for approval.
Task Management
Create, assign and review tasks per employee and any area of your business.
Automated Job Scheduling
Make collecting payments as easy as possible both for your customer and yourself with automated invoices and integrated accounting software.
Automated Invoices & Statements
Save time and make your life easier with invoice automation.
Payment Processor Integration
Allow your customer to choose the most comfortable way of payment.
Accounting Integration
Sync your shopVOX data to Quick Books Desktop, Quick Books Online, Xero, Sage One UK or any other accounting system.
Set up shop with shopVOX. Whether you want to run your own shopping cart with a click of a button or create a complete web store for your client’s end customers, we’ve got you covered.
Shopping Cart
Use shopVOX as your shopping cart that you can add to your own website to sell products to your customers.
Customer Portal
Set up a private self-service portal for your customers where they can make orders, check their current order status or see previous orders.
Create unlimited stores for your customers to serve their employees or members.
Business Intelligence
Keep tabs on how your business is going. Create reports, evaluate your cash flow or collect feedback from your customers to optimize your revenue.
Gain an instant insight into your business with a few clicks.
Shop Wide Require Attention
Have a clear overview of what you should look into, such as overdue follow-ups for your sales leads, unpaid invoices or incomplete orders.
Data Evaluation
Assess your sales goals and cash flow to help your business grow.
Automated Feedback Requests
Sales Commission Management
Vendor management
Keep track of everything from requesting materials to choosing the best vendors.
Purchase Orders
Track and manage purchase orders easily.
Vendor Pricing
Assign all materials to vendor prices for easy PO creation and tracking changes in price over time.
Preferred Vendors
Rank vendors based on different criteria and prioritize them according to your preferences.
Setup, Onboarding & Employee Management
Every business starts in-house. Give your new members a head start with the shopVOX setup wizard, easily managed user dashboard, and onboarding packages.
Onboarding Packages
Affordable options to get the extra help you need from our Success team.
myVOX User Dashboard
Make your job easier with a transparent overview of assigned responsibilities and their state.
Setup Wizard
Need help settling in? Our simple guides can turn anyone into a pro.
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