Software for Decorated Apparel

Decorated apparel shops need a strong software system in order to keep up with this growing and changing industry. With help from shopVOX’s business management software, you can keep your apparel business thriving.

shopVOX has the organizational tools every successful apparel shop needs to grow. shopVOX can be used to make quoting easy with our integrated vendor catalogs, proofing is now smooth sailing with our online proofing module, and tracking your production orders is finally streamlined with our job board so you’ll never miss a deadline. If you sell screen printing, embroidery, DTG, or sublimation, shopVOX has the features and tools to keep your shop and your team organized! Below is a handy guide to managing every important aspect of your decorated apparel shop!

Setting Up Your Decorated Apparel Shop

We know that you don’t have days and weeks to spend setting up your business management software. Who has that kind of time?! Here at shopVOX, we have done all the hard work for you so setting up your shopVOX account is a breeze. You can do it all in one hour! Once you sign up with shopVOX, our setup guide will walk you through inputting your hourly shop rate, product pricing, adding your team, and connecting your accounting software with one click! Start seeing the benefits of shopVOX on Day 1! 

Make Decorated Apparel Proofing Easy

Our proofing tool makes things easier for both your customers and your employees. After a design is created by one of your designers, your customer can view and approve the proof online with out the need of endless emails back and forth. Customers also have the ability to leave feedback, ask for changes, and communicate with the design all within the proofing interface, keeping the important details all in one place.

This quick communication is essential in a business like decorated apparel in which customization is a key component. Your approved proof will be attached with the order through production, so you can always be assured that the correct design is the one getting produced. This makes our proofing system a must-have.

Woman holding a laptop with custom apparel on it

Manage Your Orders

When running a decorated apparel shop, the orders can come in quickly. You can keep all of your jobs and orders organized by using shopVOX’s job management software, which can help you stay focused on the projects ahead.

Customize each step of your production workflows and always know the exact status of your orders at any time. View your jobs on the job board as a list view, card view, or calendar view and your team will always know exactly who is working on which order, and when those orders are due to advance to each stage of the workflow. Got a re-order? No problem! shopVOX keeps track of your past transactions within the customer’s profile, so managing re-orders is a simple one-click step. 

webpage featuring current orders

Take the Guesswork Out of Pricing

Gone are the days of guesstimates. shopVOX’s pricing tools will help your team send out fast and consistent quotes, so your customers will always have the correct pricing for your products and services. With our pre-built pricing templates, and integrated vendor catalogs, pricing your product list in shopVOX is easy to customize. Have confidence in your pricing with shopVOX!

webpage showing the pricing tool

The Experts at shopVOX Can Help with Your Decorated Apparel

Did we mention that the shopVOX team are all industry experts? Our Customer Success Team has decades of experience running print and apparel shops just like yours. We speak graphics fluently, and we have walked a mile in your shoes. We know exactly what your shop needs, which is how we’ve been able to customize a software specifically for your apparel shop. shopVOX can help you stay organized. Check out the pricing options for the services we provide and get your decorated apparel shop up and running today!