Software for Digital and Offset Printing Shops

In the graphics industry, especially those in the digital and offset printing, when you get busy, it’s easy for shops to miss a deadline, or produce the wrong proof. We get it, because we’ve been there! In order to get control of your pricing, proofing, and order management, you will need the best shop management software to keep your operations organized. That’s where shopVOX comes in.

Through shopVOX’s features for print shops, you can finetune your operations so that communications between your team and your customers is efficient and organized. With our software, your digital or offset printing shop can help you manage orders more efficiently, simplify the pricing process and much more! Read on for more information regarding the options offered by shopVOX.

Set Up Your Digital and Offset Printing Shop

We know your time is valuable which is why setting up your shopVOX account is easy, and you can do it in just an hour. Once you sign up with shopVOX, our setup guide will walk you through inputting your hourly shop rate, product pricing, adding your team, and connecting your accounting software with one click! Start seeing the benefits of shopVOX on Day 1!

In order to move on to the other steps of using our software, we recommend configuring your account and customizing your settings. This will make the remaining steps much easier to navigate, in addition to serving as an excellent introduction to the rest of our software on a technical level.

Simplify the Proofing Process

Many digital and offset printing shops, can run into trouble when sending proofs to customers via email. More often then not, those emails will grow to include several responses and requests from the customer, and it’s easy for things to get lost in the mix. With shopVOX’s online proofing tool, your customers can view and approve their proofs online with a simple click. They also have the ability o leave feedback, request changes, and communicate directly with the designer. All of these important notes and details are kept in one place for the enbtire team to access, so everyone can see and understand what needs to be done. Only the approved proof gets attached to the job in production, so there’s no chance for the wrong proof to be manufactured.

The proofing tool’s ability to create easily accessible proofs of your work is a unique feature of our software and a helpful aspect that will surely create a more transparent relationship with the customer.

woman holding laptop showing proofing process

Manage Your Production Orders

shopVOX also offers job management software that can help you and your team better manage the orders that are incoming. With all of the work that is surely happening at your printing shop, it can be easy to lose track of things. With shopVOX’s job management software, you and your team can stay up-to-date on job statuses and deadlines.

Managing your customized workflows on the job board will help you keep track of every job in production. You can assign your staff to specific steps, and know when a step is completed or on hold. Finding an old job for a re-order is easy, now that all transactions are stored in shopVOX. Reorders are a simple on-click step! This software from shopVOX can give you and your employees a way to work together more efficiently.

Streamline Your Pricing

shopVOX gives you pre-built pricing templates that is easy to customize. Our pricing module is an excellent way to refine your product pricing so that your quotes are always consistent. You can say farewell to the era of guesstimates and potentially misleading your customers, and say hello to fast, consistent quotes where you can be confident of your costs and profits. 

Use shopVOX’s Software at Your Digital or Offset Printing Shop

The team at shopVOX team, aren’t just tech people, we are all graphics industry experts! Our Customer Success Team has decades of experience running print shops just like yours. We speak graphics fluently, and we have walked a mile in your shoes. We know exactly what your shop needs, which is how we’ve been able to customize a software specifically for your print shop. 

You can reach out to shopVOX and learn more about the pricing options for our print shop software. All of the most important organizational tools needed to effectively run your digital or offset printing shop are included in some aspect of our software. Contact us today and get started in building your shop today!