Sometimes You Need to Let Go for Business Growth

May 15th, 2017

Sometimes in life we need to let go of things. This is true in our personal life, just as it is in our work life. Think of that bad relationship that you were in. You tried and tried and tried, but nothing you did seemed to make it work and you really wanted it to work. Or think about that car you loved. You repaired it and repaired it, but it kept falling apart. Eventually you have to stop sinking your money into it and let it go. letting go for businessIn business, there are many things that we need to let go. Whether it is products, goals, employees, clutter, management styles or old thinking - letting go is sometimes the best decision.

Why? Think about all the wasted time and energy that goes into people and things that are not working out, that are not giving in return. All of this wasted time and energy get in the way of success. When you let go, you are able to free up time and space for something better, something that will be of value for your business instead of something that will keep your business stagnant. What do you need to let go of? What is not bringing value to your business anymore? Here are some ideas to help you:

  • Products that are not selling. 

  • People that are not producing the work you hired them for. 

  • Clutter that is taking over a desk. 

  • Systems that fail. 

  • Micromanagement. 

  • Outdated technology. 

  • Inferior materials. 

  • Tunnel vision.

  • Faulty machines that are in need of constant repair. 

Take an inventory of your business. I am not writing about only your physical inventory, but on overall inventory of how your business is ran. Be honest and open. When you spot an area that obviously is no longer benefiting your shop, be ready to let it go and find a way to replace it if needed. What have you had to let go that allowed your business to move to the next level? Share with us below: