Speeding up Print Shop Workflow with Online Design Proofing

March 30th, 2015

The faster your products are in the hands of your customers, the more satisfied they usually are. Time does greatly matter. The design process is often one of the most time consuming areas of a print project. Besides the designers taking the needed time to create customized and unique creations, the time taken with design approval is one of the biggest headaches for many shops. Between waiting for the customer to open up their email to see the proof and being unsure if they even seen the email to figuring out exactly what the customer wants changed – there is much time wasted. This is where the shopVOX online design proofing can greatly speed up the process while adding some extra bonus features.

Here is how:

Upload your proof securely into shopVOX: When you upload your proof to your shopVOX account, it will remain in your print shop management software until you delete it. This is beneficial as it protects your work from being lost or damaged if anything were to happen to your office computer or physical files.

Email design proofs for easy online proofing: With shopVOX, you can offer your customers online proofing that is hassle free. After you upload your proof, you can send it any time to your customer for online reviewing. Here is an image of proof uploaded page. Simply click the “Send Review” button to send off to customer.

Customer approves or requests changes wanted easily online: People do not like downloading files onto their computers these days. That is one of many reasons why cloud based systems, like shopVOX, are become increasingly popular. The demand is there! So, when a customer can view the design proof and make their changes online instead of on their computer, this often leaves an impressive image of your business. It makes the design process so much simpler for all involved.

Instantly be notified of the proof approval status: As soon as your customer either approves or request changes, you are instantly notified. shopVOX is update and you can have a note sent to your email. shopVOX online proofing can certainly speedy up the design process in your print shop, which in turn will speed up your workflow. This can impress your customers and encourage repeat business.If you are a shopVOX user, you can use this online proofing feature to market your services!