Square Integrates with ShopVOX

October 31st, 2018

Square is a popular easy-to-use credit card processing system. This system is used by millions of sellers from all industries to help them manage their invoices and payments. We are happy to announce, that shopVOX now integrates with Square. When you integrate shopVOX with Square you can begin to send shopVOX invoices to your clients with a "Pay Now" link. This will create a more efficient payment process that will save you time! Here is a brief overview:

  1. Log into Square through your shopVOX account. 

  2. Send your shopVOX invoice to you customer with a "Pay Now" link.

  3. When the customer pays, the payment will be processed through Square. 

  4. When the payment is processed through Square, the payment will be automatically applied to the invoice in shopVOX. 

You will no longer have to manually input your payments to shopVOX for all payments processed through square. This saves you time and thought energy that you can use for other tasks. So make sure you integrate shopVOX with Square. If you need help with this integration, contact our support team via chat.