The 10 Advantages of Cloud Based Software For Sign Shops

July 21st, 2014

Cloud based software has changed they way companies do business. They are becoming more efficient, trusting, and organized because of this amazingly beneficial invention. As a result, customers have come to build more respect for businesses that are using cloud based means for their systems. Here are some of the reasons why:

 1.  Always available: Cloud based software is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week wherever there is internet access.

2. Online sharing: Online sharing, such as sign proofing, vehicle wrap proofing and so on can be easily and efficiently online. Customers can make changes or approve online.

3. Never fear of losing your information again: Since all information is store online instead of on your hard drive, your information can not be destroyed if your hard drive malfunctions in some way.

4. Tracking: You can track when employees log in and when customers review documents.

5. More space: Since you are not limited by the space on your hard drive, cards, etc., and have access to the cloud, you often have more space available for your work.

6. Be in the know at any time: Wanna know what projects are completed or are still in process? Simply take a look at the online job boards or pull up projects at anytime to be in the know.

7. Organizes: With a few clicks of a buttons, you can see your contacts, quotes, orders, create reports, and so on. So much in one place and so easy to find. Much better than sorting through piles on a desk and scattered post it notes.

8. Worry Free: Worry less knowing that your information is safe, that you can access your information from any device with internet access.

9. Software help that can be done online: Support can be done right on your software if needed since it’s on the cloud. This is very convenient when needed.

10. Access while at home or on vacation: Feeling too sick to go to the office, but still need to work? Needing a vacation, but need to have access to what is happening at work without constantly calling to check up on your team? Since you have access from any device with internet connection, you can check the job boards, see what tasks are being completed, how sales leads are going, and who paid for their orders.

shopVox is a sign company management software that is cloud based. This is one way that shopVox stands out from some of the other management systems that are available for sign shops.