The 7 Reasons To Invest In Sign Shop Management Software

May 25th, 2014

Software is all the craze these days. It’s growing increasingly popular because it has the ability to improve the quality of people’s lives and business. In the sign industry this is true as well. Since launching shopVOX, we have heard countless stories of how our sign shop management software has transformed the way sign companies work. Here are 7 ways that shopVOX helps sign shops all over the world:

  • Improves professional appearance: With shopVOX, you have professional looking estimates, invoices and receipts to send to your customers. Must better than handwritten ones. Instead, look like a pro with shopVOX!

  • Tracks jobs from open to close: Know exactly at what stage every single job is at any given time. This completely improves the productivity of sign shop on so many levels. Designers, produces, installers and other staff can be in the know at all times.

  • Keep schedules and appointments: Right within this software, you can schedule appointments for customers, leads and vendors. You can assign any employee to any customer. It’s so easy!

  • Set sales goals and keep track of progress: Sales are what bring in new customers and orders. It is highly imperative that you set sales goals. In shopVOX, you are able to do so easily and track each sales person’s progress.

  • Is accessible on the cloud: The cloud has been such an amazing invention that has greatly assisted businesses. The cloud makes it possible for sign shop owners and employees with access to work in shopVOX from any location with internet access. This also saves much space on your computers since the information is not store on them. shopVOX ensures that your information will be readily available when you need it.

  • Reduces clutter: Because shopVOX is on the cloud and you can send email quotes, orders, and invoices, your paperwork is reduced. Less papers means less clutter.

  • Saves time: Since all your information about projects can be in your shopVOX software, you have one place to turn for this information. This saves time going through piles of paperwork.