The Magic Words That Will Help Influence Your Sign Shop Customers

As the manager of a sign shop, you should realize early on that words matter when it comes to talking with potential customers. In order to help you close as many sales as possible, the team at shopVOX has compiled a list of magic words and phrases that will help keep you in contact with customers after an estimate is given.

The words that customers want to hear are often laced with deeper, subliminal meanings that trigger the kind of positive responses you are hoping for. It’s important to work with your entire team in order to unify the sign shop’s message around these words and phrases.

“I don’t know if it’s for you, but…” 

Customers are often turned off when they feel pressure to do something they are still weighing, so the first piece of “I don’t know if it’s for you, but…” is critical to put their mind at ease. 

While not explicitly meant to pressure customers, the messaging with this phrase is linked to a sense of urgency. The phrase is meant to subtly conjure up a feeling that a decision needs to be made.

“How open-minded are you?”

Questioning a customer’s open-mindedness to a proposition usually only leads to one answer. A small percentage of customers will admit to not having an open mind to whatever you might be trying to sell them.

In most cases, a customer will trust your word, considering they are in your shop. Though phrased as a question, customers will have no choice but to agree with your expert advice and go along with whatever you might have in mind for them.

“Just imagine…”

If a customer cannot imagine themselves doing something or using a specific product, then it is more than likely a bad fit for them. Tell customers a story of what things would be like for them if they took home what you are trying to sell. Make them picture the possibilities of what could happen if they complete their purchase.

Man speaks on the phone“When would be a good time?”

By asking a customer when a good time to do something would be, it implies that the “good time” exists in the first place. The question “When would be a good time?” does not allow for a waffling objection. The immediacy of the question requires a quick response and keeps the conversation at your pace.

“I’m guessing you haven’t gotten around to…”

After all of the work you put into closing a sale, there is nothing worse than being ghosted by a prospective buyer. In a follow-up to the customer, imply to them that the reason for their silence was merely a matter of inconvenience. Try to ignore any notion that they simply are not interested anymore.

By baking in an excuse on behalf of the customer, they will have no choice but to engage with the business at hand. That’s precisely what you want. Ideally, the customer will offer no excuses, but will instead feel compelled to continue with the purchasing process.

Getting Started with shopVOX

There are many more magic words that are designed to engage with the customer’s subconscious. The trick is to manipulate certain answers from the customer that will ensure future contact will be had.

It is wise to practice these phrases and constantly make an effort to master them in the workplace. 

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