Time Saving Quote Reminder Email Templates for Custom Manufacturers

July 17th, 2018

Within shopVOX, you have the option to create email templates. This not only saves you time, email templates enable your business to appear more consistent when communicating via email with your customers.  Emailed document templatesMost of the custom businesses that use shopVOX, send out many quote reminder emails every month. Since this is a common email type, it would be smart to create an email template for quote reminders. Here is a sample quote reminder email that you can setup. 

Hello , I hope you are having a successful day. I wanted to reach out to see if you received the quote that I sent you last week or if you have any questions or concerns regarding the quote. 

Feel free to reach out to me to let me know if you have any questions or if you are ready to move forward with the project. 

We are here for you throughout the entire project.  Just let me know what we can do to help.




With shopVOX, you have the ability to track quotes to know whether they were opened or not. With this intelligence, you know if a quote was viewed or not. You can also know how many times they opened their quote. This information can help you send better reminder emails. Some people prefer to have two different quote reminder emails, one for customers that have never opened their quote emails and one for those that have opened the quote emails. Here are some samples to help you get started: This example is for customers that have not opened their quote yet. 

Hello , I hope that you are having a great day.  I was checking in to see if you received your quote yet. If not, please let me know and I will resend it. If you did receive it, but have been too busy to look at it, we understand. Please know that the quote expires in 30 days. Regards, {}

______________________________This example is for customers that have open their quote. 

Hello , I am following up on the quote I sent you late week. I wanted to know if you had any questions or concerns about your quote. If there are any changes that you would like made, please let me know and we change discuss that. I look forward to hearing back with you and working on this project together!{} 

So, now it's your turn to create your quote reminder email templates. If you need more information on how to do so, check out this video that Bryant created, How do I use email templates?