Tips for Boosting Custom Sign Sales in 2017

January 9th, 2017

The first week of 2017 is already upon us. Hopefully, you have set a plan on how to boost your signage sales! Whether you did or not, here are a few tips to help you become more successful in your mission! First we are going to start off by clarifying What, Who, and How! When you understand these, you present and you can have a better chance at closing more sales! 

  1. What are you selling? What does your shop do best? What products have proven to be popular with your clients? What products have the least complaints? Which products bring you the most profit? Figuring out what products you are focusing is important. You can't possibly focus on every possible type of signage when putting together a sales mission. Know the insides and outs of the products that you are leading with. (Of course, when selling if needs come up, you can certainly sell another sign, but this is about what to lead with when you are putting together a sales plan.)

  2. Who are you selling to? Who is you ideal customer for where you are right now and with the products you are great at creating. What type of people have a need for what you offer? Who can afford what you are creating? Understanding your target market is huge when preparing your call list and pitches. 

  3. How are you going to present your offers? Are you going to visit personally, cold call, do trade shows, do internet marketing, Facebook marketing, Linkedin marketing or mailers? If you are taking different types of steps, make sure you track the success of each option. (You can track these in your shopVOX reports.)

After you understand the above, now you need to do the work. Here are a few tips to improve your chances when selling:

  1. Check your attitude. Are you nervous, shy, over energized, over confident or loud? Are you confident or doubtful? Observing your attitude and adjusting it before making your calls is important. Also, adjusting it to the tone of the customer is important too. If the customer is laid back and you are running your mouth like you drank three cup of coffee, you may not land the deal. But, if you calm yourself down and match their style, you ability to mirror can be beneficial in making them feel more comfortable with you. 

  2. Ask questions. Really understand what your customer needs and why. Understand the level of importance for them. 

  3. Listen. Carefully listen. Pay attention to what they are saying instead of allowing yourself to be distracted by your own personal thoughts. 

  4. Respond based off of what you learned from the customer - not what you wish to sell. You may have approached this customer with the hopes of selling Channel Letters, but they really want and need a Monument Sign - you are best to act on what they want. 

  5. sign shop sales tipKeep your word. Just like in your personal life, if you are true to your word, people will trust you more. This principle also applies in business. So, keep your promises. It's easier to close sales if you are trustworthy. 

  6. Take great notes. Remembering everything that was said to you and that you said, if very hard to do. So, taking great notes can greatly help you recall important information that you may need in the future. These sales notes can all be put into shopVOX under each lead. 

  7. Follow up in a timely manner. Always followup, especially in a timely manner where your conversation is still fresh in their mind. 

  8. Master time management. It is so easy to get lost in conversation with an interesting prospect or to get caught up on checking out your Facebook feed. There are so many time wasters out there, that you really need to be aware of how you are using your time. Create a schedule and a time sheet if you need to keep yourself on track. The less time you waste, the more time you have for sales. Of course, as a shopVOX user, you can manage your time easily. 

The better you become at these tips, the more sales you should close. Make sure you are inputting all of your sales leads into your shopVOX business management software. This will help you be more organized and to schedule future follow up so easy! Wishing you sales success in 2017!