Transform Team Productivity with shopVOX

Joanne Cipressi
Jun 5, 2020

Post-its, job boards on whiteboards, order slips, design change slips, word of mouth, email chains, and unorganized files make it very challenging for productive team collaboration. And, that was when we were all together at work.

Team productivity has unique challenges as more people are working from home these days. Thankfully, your team can still be productive with the right tools and proactive leadership.

Each team member has important jobs to perform and effective colloboration between team members enables better productivity. Collobrating is easy to do with shopVOX. As a shopVOX user, you can transform team productivity. Here are some ways:

1. Keep team members up to date. When team members are aware of what is happening in the shop, they feel more connected with other team members and feel more connected with the company. This often motivated them to perform better. How shopVOX helps: As soon as a team member logs into their shopVOX account, they see a similar page as above. Here they can see the current amount of sales leads, quotes, orders, and projects at a quick glance. This allows them to quickly see what is happening in the shop without taking much time.

2. Set due dates. When due dates are set on jobs, employees know can better pace themselves and arrange jobs appropriately. How shopVOX helps: When you set due dates for all jobs and they are easily visible from your job board like in the image above.

3. Make notes. During phone calls, consultations, reviews and other job duties, new information is acquired. It’s important to save this information before it slips your mind and so other team members are in the know. How shopVOX helps: You can create notes in many areas of shopVOX like sales leads, quotes, jobs, and customer accounts. Adding notes is a great way to be more productive and save time combing through email chains.

4. Assign tasks and track them. There are many ways to assign tasks. You can assign them via email, invites, post-its, white boards or give an old fashioned phone call. These methods are not very reliable as they can get lost or forgotten. How shopVOX helps: You can assign tasks to an individual with due dates in shopVOX. Whenever the team member logs in, he will see that tasks are due. You can also check in and see the status of each task to know whether they have been completed or not.

When you can simply colloborate and make it easy for your team to be in the know, your shop will be more productive.

To learn more about shopVOX, sign up for a live webinar next week:

shopVOX business management webinar

Joanne Cipressi
5 / 6 / 2020
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