Understanding the Needs of your Customers

August 10th, 2020

Understanding the needs of customers is at the core of a successful business. When you know what your customers wants and needs are, you can more effectively relate and connect with them. Then you can better persuade them that your company is the best choice for them.

How can you learn to better understand the needs of your customers? Answer these 5 questions to find out:

Who are your customers?

Knowing who your customers are is more than knowing their name and their mission. It's also understanding how many employees they have, whether their business is a private company or a public company, whether they are a local company or multinational company and the structure of their company.

Who is their current supplier?

It is likely that your customers are buying something you offer from someone else. It is important to know the following:
- Who their current supplier is.
- Are they happy with their current supplier?
- Are there benefits of them buying from you instead of their current supplier?

Why do they buy?

Understanding why customers purchase allows you to match their needs to the benefits offered by your company. Do they buy for value, experience, convenience, relationship or something else?

How do they prefer to buy?

Some prefer to buy online, some prefer to buy face to face and some prefer to prefer to pick up the phone to make their order. Also, some prefer to see and feel material textures, while others don't need to. Some people want to see a variety of options and need time to make their choices while others see what they like and make an impulse decision.

What is their budget?

Sometimes there is a hesitancy to ask customers what their budget is. Learning what a customer is willing to spend is one of the biggest struggles of business owners. But, this information is important to know as early as possible so you can prepare the most appropriate solution for their needs.

The better you understand customers, the better you can serve their needs with the products and services that you offer.

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