Vote for your Favorite Sign Design

Joanne Cipressi
May 27, 2020

Signs are all over our world guiding us through our journeys. When we travel, we follow street signs. When we are looking for a business, we look for the sign of that business. Signs alert us to entrances, exits, dangers, precautions, and so much more. Everywhere we go signs are present and supporting us. Yet, we may not always realize nor appreciate that there is true talent behind these sign. That’s where our monthly contest comes in.

The sign design finalists are live on our Facebook page. Each of these designs are creative and stunning. The talent that goes into each of these designs from imagination to installation is brilliant. Make sure you check them out on our Facebook page and like your favorite one. The winner will receive a 50 inch TV.

#VOXcontest is a monthly contest that shopVOX runs for all shopVOX and signVOX users.

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Joanne Cipressi
27 / 5 / 2020
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