VOXtip Contest

What is your favorite shopVOX feature?

How do you use shopVOX?

Have a great tip that you’d like to share with other shopVOX users?

We want to hear from all shopVOX users. We want to know your best shopVOX tips and favorite shopVOX features. So, we are running a new super fun shopVOX contest and you will have a chance to win up to $250.

How to enter

1. Create a video sharing your best shopVOX tip or sharing you favorite shopVOX feature.

2. Post your video to social media and tag shopVOX on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

3. After tagging shopVOX on social media, then email the link to your video.

Contest Rules

1. Must be a current shopVOX user. This contest is open to all shopVOX users from all over the country.

2. shopVOX must be in the video: We must be able to see what your favorite shopVOX feature or tip looks like on the screen. You can be creative and include images/clips of your shops and staff to tie into your feature or tip, however, the viewer needs to be able to see shopVOX pages on the screen.

3. Length of video: There is no maximum length required. However, videos need to be at least 4 seconds long.

4. Clean language: Have fun, but keep videos PG and free from profanity. We want to keep the videos family friendly.

5. Types of videos: We want to make this easy. Live videos, uploaded videos, screencasts, or whatever video is able to be uploaded and posted on social media will be accepted.

5. Video rights: Videos remain propery of the creator with rights allowed to shopVOX to use on social media, techVOX’s Inc’s websites, in techVOX Inc’s tutorials, and/or techVOX Inc’s marketing and promotional materials.


Total value of prizes is $300.

  • Grand prize winner: $250 Amazon Gift Card.
  • Runner up winners (2): $25 Amazon Gift Card each.

Contest Process

  1. Create video.
  2. Post to social media and tag shopVOX.
  3. Email video link to .
  4. shopVOX team will vote on their favorite videos and announce the winning videos on social media.
  5. Prizes will be awared.

Contest Dates

  • Deadline for submissions is August 24th at 11:59 EST.
  • TechVOX, Inc will watch all videos and vote for our three favorites by August 31st.
  • Winner will be announced on August 31st by 5pm EST.

We reserve the right to change contest rules at any time.

Any questions? Send all questions to Joanne at .