What Motivates Customers to Buy Your Custom Print and Signage Products?

August 12th, 2020

Understanding customer's motivations and buying patterns can help you determine how to market your products and how to approach buyers.

While it's obvious that price points and ease of shopping are two major motivators of buyers, there are also some other hidden motivators to be aware of.

What drives consumers to purchase custom screen prints or other custom products? Let's explore some of these reasons:


We all have experienced how low cost and convenience seems to compromise quality. As a custom shop, quality matters. If a customer buys a product from you because it's low cost, but the quality is lacking, the customer will remember that -- and not in a positive way.

Cutting corners, lower quality apparel and materials, and poor craftsmanship will most likely risk you losing a customer.

Look at luxury brands that sell at higher prices. They have a loyal following due to their higher quality materials, unique designs and attention to detail.

Ability to buy

Since many custom shops are B2B businesses, speaking to the person that actually has the authority to purchase will save you time. Their secretary or director of marketing may be excited about your products, but may not have the power to purchase for the company. Determine who is the decision maker is in the beginning of the sales process.


Holiday shopping is the most obvious explanation of seasonality shopping. Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals influence buying behavior. But, there are other patterns to also look for.

  • Weather and the change of the seasons. Cold weather tends to keep more people inside, therefore there is more online shopping during chilly winter months. Custom t-shirts sell better in summer and custom hoodies sell better in the fall and winter.

  • Sports season
    When schools reopen, high school and college sports are in full force, and so are purchases for custom apparel, signage, banners and other custom products.

  • Car Buying Seasons
    While cars sell all year long, a study was published in the Quarterly Journal of Economics in 2014 that showed an increase in 4x4 vehicles in the winter months and convertibles in the summer months.

  • Buying Seasons
    When do companies, non-profits or schools tend to buy? How often do they buy? Figuring these patterns will give you insight into when and why they buy.


There is a little Kardashian in many people these days. The desire for "likes", followers and connections is a motivator as to what they buy. They yearn for the neurochemical high of approval. High quality and creative custom products tend to attract attention.

Revenue improvement

How can your custom products increase their revenue? How can your custom products improve their marketing efforts? All businesses want more revenue. If your business can accomplish that, it's a win-win for both.

Reducing costs

Businesses are constantly analyzing their bottom line. Can your products reduce their costs of manufacturing, marketing or somewhere else?

Sense of purpose

Virtue signaling and advocacy makes people feel like they are serving a greater purpose these days. Do you offer products that focus on certain causes? Do you donate to any non-profit groups?

Solve a solution

All businesses have problems to solve. Custom shops are known to be problem solvers. Figure out what issues they are experiencing in their business and implement a plan of how your products or services can reduce their pain.

Health Safety

This is a motivator that we did not have to consider at the extent that is needed now. Many people are concerned about getting sick, so they look for businesses that are practicing precautions beyond the typical ones we are accustomed to. Some prefer to only buy online due to this. Some prefer to still have face to face interaction, but they are cautious about who they do business with. Then, there are some that believe mandating masks is wrong and unhealthy. How your business takes a stand in this area, will either motivate or not motivate others to do business with you.

When you understand what motivates customers, it's easier to know how to create a marketing plan that will effectively reach your target market.

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