Which Vehicle Graphic Design is Your Favorite?

Joanne Cipressi
Jan 31, 2020

It is time to vote for your favorite vehicle graphic design.

Vehicle graphic design is so fascinating. Designers are filled with so much creativity and they deserve to be noticed more. This is one reason why we run this contest every month.

The finalists for January’s #VOXcontest are released on our Facebook page. The theme for this month is Vehicle Graphic Design. The staff had a tough time choosing our favorites for the finalists round and we are sure you will love the designs.

Starting this month, January 2020, we will be running themed design contests each month. We wanted to have more fun with #VOXcontest and have a focus each month. So, look out for our new themes every month and make sure you vote for the design your like the most.

Joanne Cipressi
31 / 1 / 2020
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