Win More Print Business with Sales Leads

Joanne Cipressi
Jul 3, 2017

managing your sales lead pipeline for more businessSales leads are vital to more business. It’s next to impossible to grow your business without attaining sales leads to follow up on. Sales leads can come from a variety of sources, print ads, internet ads, cold calling, networking events, referrals, trade shows, or flyers. There are always opportunities to discover more sales leads. But, once you do so, it is very important to manage them in a way that is effective and works for your print shop. 

All too often print shop sales leads are written down on a piece of paper, like a post it note, or in your notes section on your phone. These habits are often faulty because the post-it notes get lost and many people forget about the notes on their phone. But, when you immediately put all sales leads into your sales lead management system, they are in a secure place where you know how to find them. 

As a shopVOX user, you have access to excellent sales lead management which you can create pipelines for. These pipelines are so helpful to keep you on track on each sales lead and knowing what areas of the sales lead process they are on. If you are unfamiliar with what a sales pipeline is, Bryant, our awesome Director of Customer Success, explains further in this article: Win more Business with Sales Leads. This article also offers other insight into the sales lead process that you may find very beneficial for your print shop. 

In the meantime, what this video to see how easy it is to add sales leads to your shopVOX:


Adding New Sales Leads from TechVOX Inc on Vimeo.



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Joanne Cipressi
3 / 7 / 2017
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