10 Reasons Why You'll Fall in Love with ShopVOX

February 14th, 2019

Some people fall in love at first sight. Others fall in love while bonding and enjoying time together. Some fall in love while simply watching another person and admiring them from a  distance. Some people fall in love after a traumatic situation connects them deeper. There are so many ways to fall in love. But, when you do, you are hooked and it's challenging to break free.  Usually, around Valentine's Day, people reflect on the people they love and those they loved and lost. They set aside time to spend together. So, I hope you remember to make time for the people you love on this special day, as well as throughout the rest of the year. Fortunately, as a shopVOX user, you are able to save lots of time at work which will give you more time for the people that matter. As a software company, we can not claim to be masters of love. But, we do understand that falling in love with a person is similar to falling in love with shopVOX. Some people get excited and fall in love with shopVOX at first site. They get all excited, spend as much time with it as possible. Other people need to bond with shopVOX first. They need to realize how much time they save creating quotes, how much brain energy they save with the production management features, and how organized their work life becomes before they fall in love. Others love from a distance, watching the tutorials and admiring its success, but never make the move to connect. Then, there are those that try shopVOX and become frustrated because they are not used to its language and how it operates. But, once they see how customizable it is and begin to understand how convenient the cloud is, they fall in love. Are you in love.....with shopVOX? ShopVOX is easy to love. Read on to see why people are falling in love with shopVOX: 

  1. This is not a one-sided relationship.  The more you use shopVOX, the more you get back. The perfect give and give relationship. 

  2. ShopVOX never stops being there for you. Unlike falling in love with a human, it has the capacity to continue to give and give. It never stops supplying...unless you stop using it. 

  3. ShopVOX compromises. Do you want to change the default stages in the workflow management area? Absolutely. ShopVOX will let you change the number of stages and their names. 

  4. ShopVOX has your back. Whatever you share on shopVOX is stored safely for you. Plus, when you schedule appointments, it reminds you.  

  5. ShopVOX is always accessible. Whenever you need it, it's there for you. 

  6. ShopVOX respects that sometimes you need time alone. It promises it won't nag you if you need to turn it off for a day or two. 

  7. The more you use shopVOX, the better it becomes. There are benefits to using one or two features, but when you use more features, the better shopVOX is. 

  8. ShopVOX travels without hassle. You don't need any extra luggage at all. It's always in the cloud and wherever your phone or computer is. 

  9. ShopVOX never feels taken advantage of. Instead, shopVOX wants to use as many of the features as possible. 

  10. ShopVOX is not jealous and gets along with other software and apps. In fact, it welcomes integrations with many other wonderful apps like Quickbooks, Xero, Square and more.

 So make sure that you use more of shopVOX's features. You'll love shopVOX even more. I promise!! Hope you have a very Happy Valentine's Day!