4 Ways to Declutter Your Sign Business

March 19th, 2019

Springtime is a typical time for people to declutter their homes and businesses. It's time to open the windows and let the fresh air in. It's to refresh and renew. But it's challenging to renew your business when there is clutter all around you. Sign shops, just like other businesses, tend to accumulate things that are not needed nor useful. Once you let go of these useless things, your business can experience revival and more energy, as well as more space to bring in new customers and new business. This article will offer you some inspiration to take action to declutter your sign shop.

1. First Declutter Your Mind: Most people tend to have so many ideas floating around the front of their mind. These ideas range from goals, tasks, new business ideas, worries, plans for expansion, problems, how to acquire new clients, current trends, family, social life and so much more. This can become overwhelming if these thoughts are not organized. Suggestions: To declutter your mind of these thoughts try these two tips: 1. Categorize your thoughts within your mind and assign a time frame when they can be in the front of your mind. 2. Write your important thoughts, ideas, plans and goals in your shopVOX account and schedule reminders to focus on them at appropriate times. Free your mind of these items and be rest assured that they won't be forgotten.

2. Declutter Your Calendars: Most people have notifications of appointments and meetings coming from so many avenues. Plus, they have appointments and events scheduled are not relevant to their goals. Suggestions: Put all of your appointments in one or two sources. You can put all work appointments in your shopVOX account. Then, turn off notifications from events on your calendar that are not relevant and are just distracting your goals.

3. Declutter products and services: Many sign shop owners and managers believe that they need to offer as many products as possible so they can serve their potential customers best. They don't want to lose the chance of attaining a new customer because they don't offer a product that they need. So, these shops tend to overwhelm their website, inventory, sales material, and salespeople with too many products. This is cluttering and not attractive nor energizing. Suggestions: What products have not sold in the past 6 months or year? What products and services are not bringing in enough revenue for the effort that is put into them? Consider not focusing on these products and services. Instead, primarily focus on the best selling products and services, as well as those that bring in the most revenue.

4. Declutter Your Apps: We have a plethora of apps that we check every day and that are sending us notifications. This can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Suggestions: If you have not used an app for over three months, then delete it. For the remaining apps, see if you can integrate them with your other apps to save time with inputting information into them and checking less. Zapier is excellent for this.

Hopefully, there four tips inspire you to declutter your sign shop so you can free up time, energy and space for more customers and revenue. These suggestions can be useful for any type of business. What have you done to declutter your business in the past? Please share these tips below to inspire other business owners.

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