5 Reasons to ask for Customer Feedback

October 12th, 2020

You attracted your customer through smart marketing.

Your customer agreed to get their business sign from your business.

Your customer approved the proof and now has their new sign over the front door of their business.

Your customer seemed to be very satisfied….or so it seems.

A few months down the road, you drive by his business only to see a sale banner and vinyl lettering on their window.

You wonder, “Why did he not come to us for the rest of his signage?”

There can be many, many reasons why, of course.

  • Was your price too high?

  • Was your service too slow?

  • Was your customer service respectful enough?

  • Was the customer not happy with the quality of the sign?

  • Were promises made that were not kept?

  • or was it something else?

Sometimes, as a business owner, you are assuming that you are doing everything possible to make your customers completely satisfied. Other times, you know improvement is needed (as we all need improvements in our businesses), but are unsure what needs adjusting.

Have you ever thought about taking a survey of your customer's experience with your business? Doing so would allow you the privilege to know what they liked and did not. Their feedback can greatly benefit the future of your business.

Here are some more ways that feedback can benefit your sign business:

  • You will create stronger relationships with your current customers
    When your customers know that their experience matters to you,  they feel more connected to your business. This connection allows them to become more engaged emotionally. When they are more engaged with you, they tend to be more loyal which will encourage more repeat business.

  • You will be able to notice team member concerns earlier.
    For example, you will be able to learn of any possible communication concerns between your designer and your customers or if promises are being  made, but are not being kept. Alternately, you can become more aware of which interactions they had with your staff that was most helpful to your customers and can reward your employees for a job well done.

  • You discover what is more important to your customers.
    Similarly to targeted email marketing when you measure which headlines are opened more than others, you can learn about what areas of your business are most appreciated and valued. The more your team learns about what keeps your customers loyal, you’re in a position to meet their needs and wants even more so.

  • Gives you another opportunity to WOW your customer
    I know you hope to WOW your customers with the perfect signs for their business branding. But, WOWing a customer takes much more than that. While we all want to hear raving reviews from our customers, however, the reality is that we all can use improvement. When your customers alert you to something that they would like you to improve or a service that they would like you to add, you can WOW them by actually taking action on their feedback.

  • You may learn more than when Face to Face
    When face to face, customers may not feel as open to express their thoughts as much as they would when filling out an online survey. You have a better opportunity to read more honest and open responses to your questions online than in person.

How to receive feedback?

Follow up email:

In shopVOX, you can create customized email templates to save time. You can create your feedback email with HTML to customize. Here is an example to get your started:

Hi ,

We wanted to follow up and make sure you were completely satisfied with your order.

Were you satisfied with everything? Customer service? Quality of product? Anything else?

Would love to hear your feedback!

Thanks, {}

SMS surveys

SMS should not be underestimated. According to a study conducted by eWeek, at least one-third of business professionals admitted that they couldn’t go even 10 minutes without responding to a text. SMS is still a very sucessful way to connect with customers and to get feedback.

Paper feedback cards.

Old fashioned pen and paper is still preferred by some people. It's economical and feels more personal to many.

There are many other ways to gather feedback. Whichever method or combination of methods you use for feedback is personal preference. But, whichever you choose make sure you use that feedback to improve your business.

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