5 Tips for Writing Quotes Terms and Conditions for Sign Shops

Joanne Cipressi
Sep 23, 2020

As expressed in a previous article, it is important to write a Quotes Terms and Condition Policy for your sign company.

In shopVOX Business Management Software, we have a template that will enable you include this policy with each quote that you send out.

Here are 5 tips to help with writing your Quotes Terms and Conditions Policy:

1. How long is the quote valid for? This important inclusion will save your sign company from a potential customer calling you a year later approving a quote for a price that you no longer offer. Have a clear time frame of how long your quote is valid for.

2. What are your payment terms? What is your deposit and final payment requirements? Including payment terms up front in your quote terms and conditions policy is important. This lets your customer know their financial commitment needed to begin their project and when they are required to make final payment.

3. What are your warranties? If you offer a warranty on your products and/or services, these may be included in your Quote Terms and Conditions. How long are your warranties valid for and what are the conditions to those warranties?

4. Have any changes in writing. There are going to be situations where your terms and conditions may need to be adjusted for a specific customer. Therefore, including a statement in your policy that all changes to any terms and condition must be made in writing may be helpful.

5. Contact a lawyer. When writing any terms and conditions policy, it is best to have your lawyer review your policy to protect your sign company.

In shopVOX, we provide a PDF template for your Quotes Terms and Conditions policy. In this template, you can choose between several fonts and formats when creating this policy. In addition, you can add an image if you want.

Please note this article is not legal advice for creating your Quotes Terms and Conditions. Always contact a lawyer to protect your sign business.

Wishing your sign business much success!

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Joanne Cipressi
23 / 9 / 2020
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