6 Reasons Step Away from the Shop and Spend More Time in the Sun

June 8th, 2018

Summer is in two weeks! This means more time outside and more time in the sun for most of us. People tend to head out to the beach more, take more walks, exercise outdoors, take longer hikes and plays sports this time of year. However, many business owners and managers feel an obligation to stay at the shop to ensure that their business is running smoothly and efficiently. But, when they skip the sun, they are missing the many benefits of that it's rays offer.  Here are some of the benefits of the sun that you miss by staying inside all day long:  

  1. Lowers cholesterol. The sun converts high cholesterol in the blood into steroid and production hormones.  

  2. Lowers blood pressure. According to a study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology,  this can cut the risk of heart attack and stroke.

  3. Kills bad bacteria. Noble Prize winner, Niels Finsen discovered that sunlight can disinfect and heal wounds. 

  4. Builds the immune system. Lymphocytes white blood cells increase with sun exposure. This helps defend the body against infection. 

  5. Cleanses the blood and blood vessels. European medical literature explains that sun exposure improved atherosclerosis. 

  6. Can cure depression. It is thought that serotonin is released with sun exposure. This can boost a person's mood and help one feel more calm and focused.  

These benefits can certainly boost job performance as well. Imagine feeling more calm and focused while experiencing lower blood pressure, cholesterol and a better immune system. When a person is healthier and in a better mood, work ethic often improves. So, how can you make more time to get outside to benefit from the sun's rays? As a shopVOX user, you are able to enjoy and benefit from the sun by taking advantage of some of it's features. I will share with six of those features:

  1. Be in the know anytime. One of the biggest reasons business owners and manages hate to step away from the shop is because they fear not knowing what is happening. With shopVOX, you can look into any job, sales lead, quote, inventory and other areas of your business within seconds. You can be in the know at any moment!

  2. Be in the know from anywhere. You can access your shopVOX account from anywhere you have an internet connection - even on the beach!

  3. Create quotes from anywhere. You can relax in a hammock under a tree and create as many quotes as you want to send. 

  4. Follow up on sales calls while hiking. If you are the outdoorsy type, you can review the details of a sales call on in your shopVOX account, then call your sales lead while exercising. 

  5. Keep track of leads that are coming in through your website. You can integrate shopVOX with your website's contact form to have all leads sent to your shopVOX account. 

  6. Assign tasks. You can assign tasks to any employee and then track these tasks = from a picnic or a boat.

These are just some of the actions you can do with shopVOX. You can clearly see how you can make time for yourself this summer, spend some time in the sun and take that family vacation that you can cherish for years!