6 Sales Tips to Enjoy Your Summer More

June 13th, 2018

Working remotely, is one of the best parts of my job. I don't have to head to the office and be surrounded by the walls that shade the sun. I can take my laptop to the shore, to the mountains or to an island - basically anywhere I want to. But, I know that many of you are unable to do that on a regular basis, especially if you are working in a custom manufacturing shop. But, as the sales person, thanks to shopVOX, you can enjoy more time in the sun this summer by taking advantage of the features. Since shopVOX is on the cloud, you can access all of your sales information from anywhere you have internet connection. Here are some sales tips for you for you can enjoy more time in the sun:

  1. Capture your website sales leads in your shopVOX account. You can easily integrate your website contact form to your shopVOX, so all leads are sent there for you. Now, you can be on the beach and see all the new leads that came in from your website! 

  2. If you need to follow up on sales calls while out, all of your notes and information about all potential sales leads, should be in your shopVOX account – and hopefully not all over your office on post it notes!!! All you need to do is pull up your sales leads tabs to know who needs to be followed up on, as well as any notes pertaining to each lead. 

  3. Input all notes from your sales calls right into shopVOX. You don't need a notebook, nor post it notes to take notes when you have shopVOX. You can simply take all notes in the profile of each sales lead. 

  4. Create your quote from anywhere you want to - on the beach, on a boat, on your balcony of your resort. You can create your quote and send it to your sales lead right from shopVOX. Super fast, super easy. 

  5. Track the quote. Yes, you can even be like an undercover spy right from your beach chair! No traveling needed! You can see if the quotes were opened, see how many times they were opened, and be notified when they are approved or not. If you realize the quotes were never opened, due to the super abilities of shopVOX, you can follow up and remind them about the quote. Pretty awesome, right!

  6. Once the quote is approved and the sale is complete, you can simply convert the quote into an order. The rest of your team will be notified and finish the assignment. You can move on to you next sales lead while your toes are cooling off in the pool. 

Sounds like a win-win idea for me. However, if you are not a beach person, nor a summer person, these tips can apply to you in the winter while at a ski lodge, while on a hunting trip with the boys, while visiting in-laws, or while at any other event that takes you away from the office.