9 Must Have Workflow Management System Features

June 28th, 2016

Are you looking for a workflow management system to enhance the production in your custom shop? If you are, it's critical that you choose the right system that has the features your business needs and can benefit from. Here are some features that are important to look for in your search for the best workflow management system for your business: 

1. Customizable A cookie cutter workflow management system will not meet all of your management needs since your shop has its own processes that are unique to other shops. A system that is customizable is important so that you can create a management workflow system that mimics the way your shop is ran. 

2. Cloud-basedThe cloud makes it possible to have access to your management system anywhere that you have internet access. You and your staff will be able to quickly know where production is for any job from any location you are at. This is perfect for employees that are on clients' sites, managers that are out of the office or owners that need to be in the know at anytime they want to - whether they are at the shop or not. 

3. Pay for what you use There are some systems that charge a large upfront price for a clunky and bulky system that may not be the best suitable program for your company. Choosing a program that allows you to pay a small monthly fee is a much smarter choice. You use and pay for the software as long as you need it. 

4. A quick view option The ability to quickly view the status of all jobs is super helpful. A system that has a dashboard where you can quickly know what projects are taking longer than expected or are in need of attention can save lots of time and headache. 

5. Notifications When adapting a new program, employees need reminders to use it. Having notifications that are sent to their email or are pushed to a computer screen remind them to use the system, will make sure they are using the software. 

6. Limited access options Since most workflow processes can have information that is sensitive, you may want to limit access to your management systemNot all employees need to know all of the information that is available on your management system. Therefore, make sure your system allows you to limit access to certain areas of your software for certain people. 

7. Email The ability to email from your workflow management software can save time and allow you to keep track of messages easier. 

8.Online proofing Online proofing is super convenient and very efficient. Online proofing makes the process faster and more simple for everyone involved. In addition, it gives you the luxury of viewing all changes in one place instead of sorting through emails. 

9. FREE Trial The best workflow management system will offer a free trial so you can see for yourself if it's best for your custom shop.