Custom Sign and Banner Shops Can Work Remotely with shopVOX

Joanne Cipressi
Mar 12, 2020

During this time of uncertainty regarding the coronavirus, many companies are asking employees to work remotely. As a shopVOX user, many staff members can successfully work from home and still effectively collaborate with installers, fabricators, customers and vendors. Here are some examples:

1. Sales team: Sales do not need to be hindered at this time. Upload all of your sales leads into shopVOX. Then start making calls, follow up and build those relationships.
2. Sales leads: Gather more sales leads through a website contact form, social media and content marketing.
3. Quotes: Quotes can easily be made up from anywhere that you have internet access. ShopVOX makes it super easy to also track the process and to adjust quotes as needed from home.
4. Material Management: When scheduling projects, it’s important to know what material is available in-house and what needs to be ordered. When you keep materials updated in shopVOX, the person in charge of scheduling projects will be able to do so without even being in the office.
5. Machine and employee management: shopVOX allows you to easily see what machines and employees are available at what times. As long as those using the machines and employees update as needed, scheduling new projects can be done anywhere.
6. Proof approvals: Don’t wait on sending proofs when you are in the office. Once designs are completed, send proofs through shopVOX. Track the approval process all online through shopVOX.
7. Project Management: Once a project is approved, simply turn it into a project in shopVOX. Management of the project is easy from here. The production team will be notified and can begin working on fabrication and installation.
8.Delivery: Integrate delivery services, like UPS and FedEx with shopVOX. Create shipments from home.
9. Invoice. After projects are complete, you can quickly create invoices with thank notes right from shopVOX.

Working from home with shopVOX is easy and efficient. If your shop is not utilizing all of the above tools in shopVOX, this is a great time to start.

Joanne Cipressi
12 / 3 / 2020
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