How To Price Out Light Boxes in shopVOX

With shopVOX, you can price a wide range of products for your customers. Many print and sign shop owners have been wondering what the best way to price out light boxes is. Fortunately, you can use shopVOX print shop software to create prices for your light boxes easily. Of course, the way you do things at your sign shop may vary, so how you’ll want to use shopVOX to price out light boxes might vary a little as well. You can use shopVOX for this in two different ways, so you can choose which one works best for you. 

Check out how shopVOX can help you price out light boxes two different ways. 

Pricing Using List of Materials

The first way of pricing out light boxes with shopVOX is by creating a list of materials that you’ll need to make the product. When you’re pricing out light boxes in shopVOX, you'll have many different fields to fill out in the form. While it may seem like a lot, it will help you in the end. With multiple dropdowns for you to provide information about your project, you can be sure you’re including everything you need and not leaving anything out. Here, you’ll include all the materials you’ll need for the project. This includes some of the following:

  • The type of lighting the light box will need.

  • The materials of the face of the light box.

  • The power source the light box runs on.

  • The graphics and ink if the project requires it. 

In addition to adding information about the materials your project requires, you’ll also need to include details about the labor it will need. Different projects are bound to require different types of labor to create them, so shopVOX allows you to customize this however you need for your project. For example, some projects might require painting or engraving, which will affect the price. Whatever labor the project needs and how much time you think will be necessary for it to be completed can be included here. 

Next, you’ll also have some questions that you’ll want to ask the customer to include when pricing the light box. This includes additional information about the project, like if there’s a permit charge or if you’ll have to take down an already existing sign. 

When you’ve added all the information you need, you’ll then go through a list of items required to make the light box. You can see exactly what materials are needed and how many of each to get the total cost of the project. You’ll also be able to see what the project will cost you vs. what you’ll make from the project to ensure that you’re making a profit off of your work.  

Metric-Based Pricing Structure

If creating a list of materials doesn’t work for you, you can also use shopVOX for a metric-based pricing structure instead. This process is similar to pricing out light boxes with a list of materials but can be a little quicker and has fewer fields for you to fill out than creating a list of materials does. However, even though there are fewer fields and details, you still get an accurate price in the end. 

The price using this method is determined by how much you charge per square foot for the project, rather than breaking it down by the individual materials. To know how much you should charge per square foot for a light box, you should take a look at your shop’s previous projects to see what has worked best for you. Like any shopVOX product, you’ll want to adjust the prices so that what you’re charging reflects your shop’s pricing. 

Pricing the cost of labor is also different using this method. Whereas in the previous method, you would include every individual job for the project, this one is formula-based. The cost of labor changes depending on the light box you’re creating, and you can change it if it seems too high or too low. 

Start Using shopVOX to Price Out Light Boxes Today

There is no right or wrong way of pricing out light boxes with shopVOX - it just depends on your shop’s preferences. If you need to improve the way your sign or print shop prices out light boxes, you can get started using shopVOX today. These products are available for shopVOX users, so you’re ready to start using them whenever you need to create light boxes for your customers. 

Learn more about pricing out light boxes with shopVOX and other features our software has to offer today.