Improve SEO Rankings for Custom Vehicle Graphic Shops

January 23rd, 2020

Improving SEO ranking means more exposure for your business, which can equate to more business. Being on the first page of Google searches can lead to more phone calls, emails or other forms of contact with your company. Unfortunately, not every custom vehicle wrap company can be on the first page of Google. However, with precise effort and time, you can earn your place on the first page of Google searches. Here are some ways to do so:

  1. Figure out what problems custom vehicle graphics solve for others? What issues do vehicle wraps fix? How can custom van decals benefit a business? How can custom truck wraps help a non-profit company? In what ways can car graphics solve problems for franchises? When you figure the answers to these questions, you will discover keywords and keywords phrases that your target customers may be searching for.

  2. Use smart keywords and keyword phrases. In your articles, your website and on social media, use the keywords that are relevant to the needs of your customers.

  3. Write at least one high-quality article per week on your website. When you add consistent content to your website, Google takes notice. Add two or three high-quality articles per week to your website and Google will notice more. Write about your projects, types of materials used, the creative side of your company, how you manage your shop, and so on. Add smart keywords to each article.

  4. Be smart with title tags. Optimize title tags for each blog article and each page. Use smart keywords, include words that are in the article, and don't repeat title tags.

  5. Include images. Images are also content that Google searches for. As a visual company, it's vital to show off the quality work that you do. When including images that improve SEO ranking, make sure that they are not large, that the meta tags include smart keywords, and the file of the image is well written with smart keywords and words that are also in the article.

  6. Research keywords. Use a keyword search tool to determine if the chosen keywords are searched on Google before using them in articles, title tags or meta tags.

  7. Update Google My Business listing. Keeping this listing updated and optimized can improve SEO ranking. Make sure all fields are filled out and images are added. If you don't have a listing or need to optimize a listing, use this link:

  8. Use social media. Social media can improve SEO rankings especially if you are using similar language as your website. Share your articles with links to your website on your social feeds.

Getting started with these suggestions will improve your SEO ranking. Keep in mind that improving this ranking does not happen overnight or even within a week. It takes time along with consistent effort to see your custom vehicle graphics shop on page one of Google searches.

After you get more customers with improved SEO rankings, make sure that you are able to manage your customers and your new jobs. Try shopVOX, project management for free.

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