Inbound Marketing Strategies for Print Shops to Increase Their Leads

July 20th, 2020

Many suspected that technology would get rid of the need for many of the printed materials that we’ve always relied on. Businesses in all industries will always require the help of print shops to get important materials, like signs and other custom-made items. However, it can still be difficult for many print shops to bring in the leads they need to be successful. There are plenty of potential customers looking for print shops to help them with their operations. You just need to learn how to bring them to your business.

To get more business for your print shop, you need to start using the right inbound marketing strategies. Try out these strategies to see an increase in leads at your print shop.

Start a Company Blog

One of the best ways of bringing in new leads is to start a blog. People want to feel confident that your business will be able to provide them with something valuable before they work with you, and a blog helps you do this. Blogging provides potential leads with information without asking for anything in return, but it can help win many people over if you do it right. During your time working at a print shop, you’ve learned a lot about the industry. A company blog is where you can showcase your expertise to get potential leads interested. Potential leads will come to your website with questions that you can then provide answers to on your blog, which can help turn them into leads once you gain their trust.

Get Into Email Marketing

Email marketing may seem like it could be considered outbound marketing since you’ll be reaching out to potential customers. However, email marketing happens once a potential lead gives you their email address, email marketing simply provides them with additional content that can be helpful in turning them into customers. This can also be incredibly effective to help you appeal to certain groups individually. If someone has only just given you their email address for the first time, you can send them emails that introduce them to your print shop and provides them with the most relevant information for their current stage of the buying process. You can continue this throughout the buyer’s journey to help encourage them to keep coming back to your business.

Post On Social Media 

You probably use your social media accounts to look up businesses or find new ones that can benefit you. People often turn to social media to find and research businesses they’re interested in. Social media has been a staple for many businesses’ inbound marketing strategy for years and many users will expect you to be active on different platforms. If you don’t have social media accounts, you could be missing out on a huge audience that expects you to be there. Social media is an easy and free way of promoting your print shop and all that you have to offer. This also gives people an easy way to reach out to your business.

Work On SEO

You’ll never be able to bring in new clients if your print shop doesn’t show up in search results, which is why SEO should become a priority. SEO can take a while to start bringing in results and requires a lot of work to do well, but this is something in which every business needs to invest. This is important not only for print shops with customers all over the country but for those that serve only local customers as well. Many of the other efforts you might be doing for inbound marketing, such as your blog, will also help improve your SEO.

Get Help Managing Your Leads

Of course, your work doesn’t stop once you bring in new leads. Getting great at inbound marketing can cause some challenges if you aren’t prepared to manage your new leads. Having a lot of new leads is a good problem to have, but it’s still something for which you need the right assistance if you want to turn leads into customers. shopVOX helps you better manage leads and customers, along with other aspects of running a successful print shop.
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