Sample Stages in a Sales Pipeline

October 18th, 2019

Each business has its own steps for closing sales, therefore each sales pipeline is unique. However, most sales pipelines follow a basic outline. We will breakdown a basic outline that many of our shopVOX users implement.

Stages in Sample Pipeline
New Lead: This would include any lead that was acquired. Input all sales leads, from all sources, in this stage.

Assign to Salesperson: Select the sales rep that will follow through with the new lead. In shopVOX, when you self the sales rep, they are automatically notified.

Qualify: Not all new leads are a great fit for your products or services. If the salesperson determines the new lead is not a great fit, the process stops here. If the new lead is a potential fit, the journey through the pipeline continues.

Contact: Make the sales call. Introduce yourself and gather all of the information needed about their project. Oftentimes, the Qualify stage and first contact stage happen simultaneously.

Quote: Make an offer to the new lead. Quotes can keep created and sent to the new lead through shopVOX.

Follow up: Figure out the time frame that is acceptable to follow up after a quote. With shopVOX, you have insight into when the quote is viewed or if it was never viewed. This will help determine the proper follow-up method.

Close the deal: If the quote is approved by the lead, you can celebrate! You have a new sale and a new project to complete. Now, it's time to pass on the project to the project manager. In shopVOX, you can easily convert a quote to a project in a minute.

Deliver Product: When the final product or service is complete, it's time to deliver it to the customer.

Using a sales pipelines keeps your sales leads organized and encourages you to be on top of your sales.

In shopVOX, you can manage and track each of these steps. You can also edit the stages in your pipeline anytime you want.